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To all who want to be delegates, beware: GOP has advanced onto their Plan B

We have to lie and say we aren't R.P. supporters. If you have to email anyone to get on a list of wanting to be a delegate, make all of your social media private to friends only. Take off any political profile pictures. If you are young, put a picture of your dog or car up! They are getting scared and are doubling down on R.P. supporters. We have to fight back twice as hard. If you have to make a speech and want to say something about the fed, say you are a Newt supporter and are in favor of auditing the fed. Some places are going to stop being friendly to "undecideds"-that has become code word for R.P. I am getting this info from some of my facebook friends I play games with. They are not close friends and I'm not sure which states most of them live in.

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Good tips for managing your Facebook visibility

The tips on this page are originally meant for keeping your privacy from nosy recruiters but they also work for keeping it from other nosy people ;)


On the general topic of ethics, I would encourage people to stay true to your principles (isn't that what you admire in one candidate and despise in the others?) but use all the advantages that you can find. Principled doesn't have to be stupid.

For example:

Get as much practice in "finding the good points" as you can, practice it at work and with your family too. You will find it more effective than "white lies" because it comes much more naturally. Think "Aunt Marge, this sweater is really unique! it is incredible how it stands out" instead of "Aunt Marge, what a pretty fuchsia and peach sweater". Set a goal for yourself for finding at least 3 things to "praise" every day.

Practice playing dumb and answering a different question instead of giving a straight answer to what you're asked.

Practice answering with another question instead of answering what you're asked.

There are so many ways to avoid answering questions you aren't interested on answering without having to lie...

As Proverbs says, BE DISCREET.

Proverbs 31:11. " The heart of her husband (Ron Paul) does safely trust in her (his delegates), so he (Ron Paul) shall have no need of spoil(failure).
Then there is Jacob. He got the blessings that his brother Esau was supposed to get. Jacob had good motives. Lets save this country with the help of Providence.

I have experienced this...

I can tell you from personal experience. They know that we know about their tricks, so the tricks are changing all the time. Do not trust these people at all. Do not let your guard down at all. I can't possibly stress this enough...

I was ID'd as a Ron Paul supporter straight off. I expected the question "Who are you supporting?" instead as soon as I showed up I got "Oh you must be a Ron Paul supporter, its cool man!". Apparently, its not cool and I made a big, big mistake in agreeing with the guy.

On a lighter note, from attending GOP meetings I have learned that most candidates for local and state office are not that great. They are all fairly homogeneous when it comes to "the issues". It seems like these local contests are won by the best communicator.

Just bring all you can with

Just bring all you can with you! So when he ask are you a Ron Paul supporter you can say ya and I brought 30 more rp supporters with me, we plan on going to hooters after this you want to join in?!?

Be friendly abd become the majority! Don't lie!

I just don't see it...

Ordinarily, I would agree with you but in the context of our situation I just don't see it. As a notorious radical once said, "The kind of means selected and how they can be used is significantly dependent upon the face of the enemy, or the character of his opposition."

The character of our opposition is to conspire in secret. As much as I would like it to be so, I don't think that affability alone will win this game.

That said, I will definitely approach the problem from both angles which could include said fraternizing at Hooters.

Out of those 30 people you

Out of those 30 people you bring with you one of them may speak the language of a neocon! That is all that's needed to just win over the enemy like you are saying. Winning over the enemy may mean both sides accepting each other instead of blocking each other!

It becomes a battle of "proclamation" rather than a battle of hatred and secrecy.

This is why lying is not good for positive change to occurr in America. You have to win the hearts and minds of your fellow man not just hijack things. If we hijack the GOP we are no better than the fake "conservative" neocons!



Bye a red white and blue tie.

I am serious here. If you look like a duck they may think you're a duck.

Ladies: dresses or polyester slacks, sweaters or blazers. No jeans,sweat shirts or boots.

Men: Suits or slacks and dress shirts only. If you can find a red white and blue tie or borrow a patriotic vest, do it.

We were told to dress up at our caucus. Unfortunately we didn't realize that meant dress up like them. I could spot the Ron Paul people from a mile away. They were the folks I actually wanted to talk to. They looked like they spent more time reading books then fashion magazines.

I know what you mean

At the meeting I went to last night, there was a ~25 year old dude with long greased back hair and a zoot suit. I can't complain about the long hair, but combined with the zoot suit he pretty much gave himself way.


Don't forget the big hair lol


I had big hair last night for the GOP meeting. I totally fit right in! haha

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

Truth is Ron Paul supporters

Truth is Ron Paul supporters hate Obama's policy's more than the brainwashed neocons. If they were not so brainwashed they would see that Obama has been putting forward exactly what any main line republican would have done. Especially romney and we all know santourm will support romney as he has to play along to get along! He has no real moral convictions, except being a narcissistic racist bigot!

It really is annoying that Ron Paul gets all the hate thrown at him for what he did not say but santourm basically wishes death on gays, Muslims and blacks but gets away with it! And even gets support from the these communities for Wanting to give them freedom!

There has been massive lies taking place I don't think the Ron Paul supporters should be taking part in the lies and covet mentality! Let it be known that Ron Paul is the only way to beat Obama and win this outright! Let the campaign handle stealth delegates we should focus on gaining more direct support for Ron Paul!

Seems very counter productive this post If you ask me!

No lying nececaary for Pro-lifers in Santorum country

I can't help in you in Romney country except to say befriend the Santorum group.

In Santorum country pull out your handy dandy over large PRO-LIFE button. I found the Santorum folks to be a lot of nice and confused church ladies who are just trying to do their best to vote their conscience. They would rather vote for a Paul Pro-lifer then a Romney slate.

PS. don't mention to them that Santorum voted to fund planned parenthood until after the count, because they will think you are a liar and will not vote for you.

they've also started the

"why-don't-you-drop-out" theme for the week

If the ends are a Ron Paul

If the ends are a Ron Paul presidency, I'm pretty sure they justify the means!

We must do this because it's the most effective method!

I fear

I fear some are being too short sighted. Dr. Paul has already won long term in that the younger generations have fully embraced his message. As his message grows and more are enlightened, it is only a matter of time before a paulite becomes president. Looking back on Dr. Paul's tenure in politics, I can't imagine him trying to be covert about such things. I guess I just feel we should proudly proclaim our support for Dr. Paul as his ideals are indeed the future.

Ron who?

Who is this Ron guy you're all talking about?
How can a candidate emerge when no one will ever hear the message.
MSM will have surely polished their "screening" techniques and WE will never hear of this "future" candidate.
MSM will keep the messge hidden.
I hope you're right, however, when I told people I was voting for Ron Paul in 2008, well I can't tell you how many people said
"Ron Who?" or Who is he?

All MSM has to do is tell the people we're under attack, and they will immediately be ready to "Let' get 'em, boys"...

Join the Santorum campaign

Yeah, winning the Presidency is short sighted. Give me a break.

Target Romney

I think the south is the key since it has shown favor to Santorum and any delegate other then a Romney delegate at this point is most important goal.

go stealth !

go stealth if the need be, lets beat them at their own game.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


Be perfectly happy to declare for Newt or Santorum. You can vote for them on the first ballot and then have a clear conscience!!!!!!!!!!!

And sure, pledge for Mitt! If you suddenly feel ill on the first ballot at the convention and have to abstain, well such is life. You are not voting against Romney, merely abstaining!

Clear conscience for all. Nuff said.

I haven't lied once

We had a woman at our local GOP meeting ask us who we support, and my husband I said, "we're on the GET OBAMA OUT committee, so whoever looks like they're winning by the time we vote, is our guy." She loved our answer, gave us a pat on the back, and went on her merry way.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

It is time to go deeper into the game

no holds barred. It is easy for me to say because I am not a delegate I wish I could be but I cannot right now, I will explain later. As a non delegate, I do not feel right telling a hard charging delegate what to do, but I hope you will do what is necessary if you are one. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


It's 2008 all over again. Can you spell d-e-j-a v-u? The only difference - we got a guy sporting deluxe temple garments vs. an ex-POW dough boy.

In AR u have to pick who wins

In AR u have to pick who wins the state to be a national delegate. So my strategy is to be a Santorum delegate although everyone must know I drive a car with RP magnet signs all over it. SO I am going to say, Santorum and I do have our differences, because every fiber of my being, religiously, intellectually, spiritually, philosophically, constitutionally and politically is against pre-emptive war. However, I think he is going to win, and we just can't let Obama stay.
(If Romney wins after putting myself on the line like that I may hate myself for a year, though).
NOT lying.

AR stealth mode

I'm with ya. Santorum will win here, no doubt about it. It's time for us Arkansans to go into stealth mode, for sure.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

pattern has been Santorum in the South

Santorum in the south and Romney up north so its safe to assume Santorum for you, double agent Crickett.

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"Death before surrender" R3VOLUTION 2012

Cyril's picture

Wait. Correction. In fact I do see one fair enough reason to lie

Okay, it's mostly for the sake of politeness, but still...

That's when in the middle of an argument with them, you eventually come to:

"I hear ya, I hear ya... But I am sorry, I beg to differ, Mr/Mrs/Miss..."

When you're actually thinking:

"Dude(tte)! I just wish you get your brain back, some day..."


THAT lie, okay... I could excuse for it :P

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I just read the below comments, there is no need to lie

Just think like an attorney. Say, of the three establishment candidates running, I kinda like (insert name). What you don't say is, of the four candidates running I would fing crawl on broken glass for RP.


What an awesome comment, cracked me up - we are all of the same sentiment, love that you said that, haha!