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To all who want to be delegates, beware: GOP has advanced onto their Plan B

We have to lie and say we aren't R.P. supporters. If you have to email anyone to get on a list of wanting to be a delegate, make all of your social media private to friends only. Take off any political profile pictures. If you are young, put a picture of your dog or car up! They are getting scared and are doubling down on R.P. supporters. We have to fight back twice as hard. If you have to make a speech and want to say something about the fed, say you are a Newt supporter and are in favor of auditing the fed. Some places are going to stop being friendly to "undecideds"-that has become code word for R.P. I am getting this info from some of my facebook friends I play games with. They are not close friends and I'm not sure which states most of them live in.

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that there's so much talk of a REVOLUTION here on the DP, but everyone gets all squeamish whenever someone makes a suggestion that is both effective and logical. We NEED Ron to win this, I'm more than willing to get my hands dirty so that his can stay clean. Revolutionaries need to be ready to implement whatever strategy most effectively brings about the downfall of our tyrannic oppressors. But I'm sure they think it's cute that we don't want to lie.

You mean you didnt know?

You mean you didnt know the Revolutionary War was fought with Nerf bullets? Rule number one from the The Art of War - Be nice to your enemy. Using stratagy is reducing yourself to their level.

I agree. The unconditional niceness of this "revolution" can be embarrasing at times.

plan b

Plan B initiates our plan B, lets see them try to catch the slimy fish coming their way.
Good luck, operation taking dawn is now in EFFECT!

Don't lie-that wouldn't be a

Don't lie-that wouldn't be a good representation of our hero, instead be cunning as a fox.

I always say the smart folk vote for Ron Paul, so let's outsmart those who try to cheat.

I'd rather kick GOP butt than lie.

We are the ones in the catbird seat. Expose GOP leadership for what they are and you take away their power. Sure, they'd rather lose the presidency than win with Ron Paul; they proved that with Taft and Goldwater. However, discredit them and they have nothing to sell. Why do you think Gingrich was so successful TWICE. He called media wags the lying S.O.B.s they are. Ron Paul did the same thing to Piers Morgan last night and Morgan praised him for it.

You really need new friends, seriously

By lying, you lose integrity. Not Ron Paul, Ron Paul will survive whether he wins or not. But NO MAN should make anyone become a LIAR.

I petitioned openly as a Ron Paul Republican. I got turned down, you bet. I've been shunned, outed by Republican groups, absolutely. But I got my signatures.

That's right. I got my signatures campaigning as a Ron Paul REPUBLICAN by Republicans (Not Indys, not colored Democrats, not anyone other than registered Republicans).

I campaigned on limited government, sound money, and bringing integrity back to the GOP. I EARNED respect. My enemies on the right and left RESPECT me for being open and honest.

My enemies are looked more petty and cowardly everyday. Everyday they grow smaller and weaker, uglier and sicker. Everyday I grow stronger and healthier, and looking good to those who hunger for an honest person representing them in government.

Don't lie for Ron Paul to be a delegate. It's not worth it. It's not worth it to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is not desperately seeking office, and he would NOT be proud to think he got there on the efforts of deceivers and liars.

This is a rEVOLution of the heart, mind and soul. There is no blood. We win with intgrity or it's not a win, but just another sham.

You seriously need NEW friends and to begin playing new games, like how about playing, "How do I be honest and still win?" You keep being honest and you respect your enemies as you respect yourself.

I won because my whole community knows me as a honest person. Ron Paul may lose, but I am still known as an honest person.

Those who lie.... you lost. Even if Ron Paul wins.. you will be KNOWN as a LIAR, a CHEAT, a Scoundrel. No one to trust as long as you live.

Take heed friend. Walk your talk or pay a heavy price... Ron Paul loses and youre still known as A Fn LIAR! Is that what YOU really want?

Ron Paul loses and you

will be a dead, honest man.

We ALL die

It's better to die an honest person.

"Give me liberty or give me death."

This is a GOOD FIGHT; I'm IN!!

I do not fear death. It's not like I'm free of all fears, that would be a lie; However, Death, I do not fear, for I KNOW Death os a friend who will meet me when it's MY TIME TO GO. It' matters not how, as long as I was known a good, honest person, and the world is left darker because my Christlight is gone to be with my God and Savior, Jesus Christ.



I agree

I agree about outright lying, but I don't think a little misdirection is wrong.

If asked which candidate you support, you could say that you like different things about each of them, but then say that "I like Romney because Romney is more electable than Santorum" or "I support Romney for his position on ." It should be something true. Notice that you never said that you supported Romney as the GOP nominee.

If asked point-blank whether you support Ron Paul, you could say , "Do I look crazy?" or "Is he even still in the race?" or some other misdirection.

I do agree with your main points however. It's not worth making yourself into a liar over it.

Yes, remember.

The colonists won the revolution by NOT wearing matching uniforms and marching in the open.

I disagree. I think we are now at the point where we can

safely proclaim we are in favor of fiscal responsibility, limited government, defense not empire, and personal Liberty.

We can proudly proclaim we support Ron Paul.

Why hide it?

If you know Robert's Rules, and you come out in force - they either can't stop you, or they will piss their pants on their way to their "victory."

They might try to thwart you as they did in Missouri, but then they will be exposed for the LIARS and cheats that THEY are.

Do not become one of them.

Stick with Integrity. It's why Paul has so many supporters.

It all depends

It depends upon how much support Ron Paul has in a given area. If the area coordinator doesn't have the numbers, they may need to come up with a stealth strategy to ensure that Paul still gets some delegates.

This is true.

The campaign is different in different areas and we have to know the territory.

Go in with.....

ROMNEY buttons.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Organize all you can before you go in

Determine while you're there what teh environment is. Be polite & educated on the "agreeable topics" and you're good as gold. When you go in, talk to people, especially the older folks. They love to see young people there. Keep away from the GOP thugs and go to the little old nice ladies because their vote counts just as much.

Sweater vest.

aaaaannnnnddd.... you're in. ;)

Ok, let's play...

...If you were asked who you're voting for just say, "I haven't decided yet but I'm weighing on Romney or Gingrich."

It Depends on Who's Still in the Race

Perfectly acceptable to say, it depends on who's still in the race, who is better than Obama, and stands the best chance to beat him.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

If you just say...

"I'm trying to decide who is better between Romney and Gingrich"

Then you have NOT said that you supported either one, but you may indeed be ruminating about which one is better.


For the best treatment, say that you support ROMNEY. For a reason, well, come up with something that you actually support of his positions. Since he has held nearly every position possible at some point over the last 10 years, that should be pretty easy.

Wearing Romney T-shirts will help too.

Just say

you're a 'severe conservative'. No lying, and you've identified yourself with the 'Front Runner'.

Say you just want to beat Obama and anyone would be better

than Obama ...you are a party person and just want Obama out.

Oh-and edit your profile and take off the year you were born

on your facebook page if you are under 35!

Old war-time phrase:

Loose lips, sink ships.

Lying is what THEY DO

And what would make us different?

Don't lie. Ron Paul sets the example to follow. Does he lie?

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin