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Love and Sales: The Thankless Art of Political Persuasion - By Robin Koerner

A wonderful article written by Mr. Blue Republican himself. I can testify from personal experience, both as a seller and a buyer of political ideas, that EVERYTHING he shares in this essay is true.

Love and Sales: The Thankless Art of Political Persuasion

As I take up invitations around the country to discuss the Blue Republican idea, I am learning a great deal about how our minds are opened and even changed when it comes to politics. In a slight departure from my usual topics, I offer the following in the hope that other engaged citizens may find my experience useful in their own attempts to improve our nation...

No one arrives at his or her political preferences as a result of only, or even mostly, logical argument (despite fervently held feelings to the contrary). Rather, people find themselves most easily convinced by arguments that support political views to which they have become committed for often highly complex reasons that their conscious mind may never even know.

Political allegiances and views are sticky: If you significantly change them, you are potentially changing your relationships with everyone with whom you have shared them -- perhaps including your wife, husband, or kids etc.; you are potentially saying that you were wrong in hundreds of conversations when you insisted you were right; you may even have to stop doing things that you have been doing passionately -- or start doing things that you'd rather not be bothered with.

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