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Ron Introduces Ballot Access Legislation

Many states have draconian ballot access requirements to make it almost impossible for independent and third pariy candidates to get on their ballots.

Article One of the U.S. Constitution explicitly gives Congress the authority to override state election laws pertaining to Congressional elections. Ron's bill does not yet have a bill number.

There has not been a "brokered" GOP convention since 1952. But, It could happen AGAIN in 2008 if WE DO OUR WORK ON THE GROUND.

We must prepare ourselves to get Ron on the ballot in every state as an Independent if need be. What are the requirements in your state...do you know? Will you do the work to make it happen?

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Right On Yvonne

Here in CA, where nearly 30% have registered Decline to State Party because Californians are so SICK of both major party's LIES, CHEATING and THEIVing of we the people, and many third parties are for those who have something to say, or an issue, but ultimately, like RP, third parties feed the duopoly. Ron Paul came with his campaign staff, to CA and left many people here COLD, actually, it's his campaign who are either some of the STUPIDEST GOP in the USA, or just out to use RP to mine hopeful Americans of their cash, and if they are ignorant, have them join the GOP to "save the Duopoly" not America and not RP.

Debra Bowen, our Sec of State, says the GOP has until the 23 of this month to close their ballot to Decline to State Party voters (This registration was developed for CIA and government workers who's jobs, like a secret service worker, who worked for Dem AND GOP administrations, his oath is to the constitution, NOT a political corporate party). RP's campaign is for a corporate party, their new signs don't even say RP FOR PRESIDENT.

We are going to be EDUCATING the public of the Decline to State Party registration, (Had RP's campaign been FOR RP and not the GOP, RP would have taken home million of dollars from CA) As it stands, Californians are now calling RP a conspiracy wacko that attracts conspiracy wackos. The GOP is leading this effort in CA with the NAU (which Arniold says is Conspiracy theory).

Educating Americans of their rights is a righteous thing to do and I applaud you for doing the right thing for FREEDOM. I actually had one of RP's staffer tell me, "Your hero RP" Whoa! I told him, RP is NOT my hero, I respect him, but my heros are all dead. Notice this same group of wackos now talk about RP being assassinated...these folks are the same GOP assholes who gave us Bush and through fearmongering (which is their trick card) now want to scare Americans about RP.

They are not our friends, and they are not friends of RP, they are users and what's WRONG with America.

God shut up about this already.

This is idiotic. RP is not running as a 3rd party, and independent or anything else.. not only because its impossible for 3rd parties to support him but also because he wouldn't win. It's Republican or nothing you fools thats why you have to work IN the Republican party. If RP ever said he was running as a independent he would be done and if he does he would be even less effective than Ross Perot.

I don't understand...

There has not been a "brokered" GOP convention since 1952. But, It could happen AGAIN in 2008 if WE DO OUR WORK ON THE GROUND.

Why in the world would we want a brokered convention? The party establishment would certainly consolidate around any of the other candidates. Ron Paul needs to win the nomination outright.

I agree completely

But, it could happen. There are a lot of e-voting machines in many states which will affect the outcome of the primaries. We must be prepared for anything and everything!

This has to happen in the states

Aren't the ballot access laws written by the state legislatures?


Ron is only talking about Federal offices. I'm trying to get the text of the bill and I'll post it here.
Thanks for all the comments,

Yvonne, I appreciate the

Yvonne, I appreciate the idea, but it would be MUCH easier to get RP on the ballot in all 50 states if he were to accept the Libertarian Party nomination. Of course, the LP has to have an interest in having him as their candidate, but if one wants to take the path of least resistance that would be it other than RP winning the GOP nomination.

The LP can just nominate him

at their convention in Denver if they chose.

Actually he said he has no

Actually he said he has no intentions of pursuing running as an independent or 3rd-party candidate because of ballot-access issues. If those issues are not present, with his supporters urging him to run regardless of party affiliation. Well who knows? Just a theory.

Ron said that a while back

Before he saw and felt the magnitude of the RON PAUL REVOLUTION that is sweeping the country. He's totally focused on the GOP nomination now -- but one never knows..........

Note the words: he won't try

Note the words: he won't try to run as an indy/3rd party candidate. They may try to get him to run, and I believe likely will try.

Also know he practically has to say that if he wants to be taken more seriously as the GOP candidate.

Yes, I am the consummate optimist. I want to be able to vote for RP regardless of party affiliation.

Don't even talk about

Ron Paul is doing very well and steadily heading to the top, don't even talk about third party or independent runs. Thats an old trick they tried to use on Reagan in 1976 and he also refused.