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BREAKING: Secret video of hostile GOP in Minnesota

Here is SECRET VIDEO and write-up of a hostile Republican Convention in Minnesota last weekend trying to exclude Ron Paul supporters:



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Our founding fathers would be so proud.....

of you all.You are true patriot's of the highest order,fighting this war on the front lines.Thank you all for your perseverance,and your true dedication to the restoration of the republic.Ron Paul 2012 !!

I am in awe

I am in awe of you who made this video. Humble intellect, the hearts of heroes, unyielding determination...just amazing. Clap, clap, clap, clap.

Thank you, it is appreciated.

Thank you, it is appreciated. I didn't release the video for self-congrats, I released it to show a small victory in the larger political war that we are engaged in.

They may

have awakened the "sleeping dragon" in WW2 but now they have awakened its intellect.

Nice job people for being smart! :)


Our covert ops is head on! Even if we can't charge them (because "private party doesn't have to uphold their contract, and can be as illegal as they can" - new law only apply to BIG corporation-party in our new Plutocracy), We can still expose their dirty-lying tactics to steal our voices and our votes!

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The GOP is not a private

The GOP is not a private party. Do not believe that lie.

They're proudly flaunting

They're proudly flaunting their tyrannical values. The epitome was when someone ordered the sargent to remove the person who was the brain and caught them (CD5) voting when they shouldnt have. He wasn't doing anything wrong. These people are sick.

A few people tried to have me

A few people tried to have me removed, fortunately for their sake, the leadership didn't do it otherwise this would've been a MUCH bigger story, heh.

Big bump

Thank you.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

My hats off to you guys

I personally don't have the stomach for politics enough to get in that close with the 'Good ole boys', but I'm glad there are those of you in the movement who can.

Thank you

You and your friends work hard and know what you are doing.

Great work!

"Second Rule of Politics-Everybody Lies"

That guy said it all in one sentence. If you honorable people out there have a problem with lying back at the enemy, you are forgetting another famous saying-"All is fair in love and war". This is war and we are going to lie them under ground!

When I said that, I was just

When I said that, I was just being snarky. I certainly didn't mean that WE should be lying; I was referring to the establishment.


we are promoting truth and transparency and the rule of law. We represent a shift from the lies and deception of politics as usual. I won't tell you what you can or can't do for the cause, but I will not participate in the culture of lies. It hurts our cause. I disagree that lying is the best course of action and just because the opposition does it doesnt make it right. Do what you will though, WAHOR

Make up our own list of names

With all the appropriate signatures and flood them with the list's. Create as much confusion as possible


Great lesson on being well prepared with recording devices and Roberts Rules of Order in hand!

Thanks to ALL of the patriots there for getting the Old Guard, pro-Romney team exposed and over ruled at that caucus.

Would they have caved in without the video taping? I doubt it. When someone asked that the Sargent at Arms remove that person for being disruptive(?!), I'm fairly confident that would have been done had it not been for the fact that the tape was rolling and the Chair knew it.

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I was wondering if anyone would post this!

I was a delegate at this particular convention. It was insane. Unfortunately, I had to leave at about 5PM.

There was one particular douche in a blue hat who was leading the opposition, and he would try to thwart our motions by yelling out things like moving to close nominations and the like.

Oh, if any of my fellow RP supporters at the convention found my black Spider fleece with the EMT-B patch on the right shoulder, could you let me know? I left it there as I left at full tilt to get to work. I'm worried there is some idiot going around pretending he is an EMT.

Call the venue and see if

Call the venue and see if they have it in their lost and found.

Every time

I see one of these videos, I get more excited! Let's keep this up, we can not be stopped!

Thank you

for posting this, it is so interesting watching the process and what people have to go through. Great work!

Just Tweeted it

Send this out to everyone you know people

Lets hit them hard with evidence of the fraud

Thank you

One delegate at a time:)

Amazing and I love u guys!

Shows what WEASELS the party establishment IS. PURE EVIL.