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Ron Paul's Election Will Hurt Libertarianism

I was watching Jacob Spinney's youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/JacobSpinney?ob=0&feature=result...) last night and came across a video where he says the following:

Paraphrasing: I think Ron Paul's election might hurt the spread of libertarianism because the great depression 2.0 is going to hit during the next administration and if Ron Paul is president they will blame laissez faire and the free market. They won't listen to him when he states that he saw this all coming and that we have to let it play out. The only thing he'll be able to do is veto bills. Even if he introduces legislation, by the time it gets to his desk it will be so watered down and edited that he'll have to veto his own bill. He won't be able to stop the Federal Reserve, only the Congress can do that, and the FED will make the depression much worse and thus, make Paul look even worse.

It's a very interesting way of looking at things. Your thoughts?

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By that logic, to hurt the big government status quo, we should

support one of the other candidates so that they're in charge when the music stops playing.

Thanks, but no thanks.

If a Ron Paul presidency accomplished only placing a libertarian on the Supreme Court, that would be a win on my scorecard. A swing vote for individual liberty and limited government on the S.C. is a big prize. Given the ages of the current justices, I believe the next President will get to make at least one nomination.

Ron Paul 2012

Interesting thought, but I

Interesting thought, but I think it'll work out. You have to consider the rest of the world, especially Europe, faces the same crisis. The US approach under Paul would be rather unique, because the rest of the world seems to have given up on laissez-faire solutions.

Europe is going the keynesian way full on. It'll be a showdown between keynesian and austrian economics. It's gonna be exciting to watch and I think the US' relatively unique position only adds to their advantage.

Here's the exact video:

Here's the exact video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6UdOW7pNcE

He rambles about some other stuff at the end but the RP stuff is right at the beginning.