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Press Release: AE Gains Ballot Access in Nebraska

For all the third party advocates here. State #19 for AE. Poll: Will they or won't they achieve 50 state ballot access + DC? Libertarian Party 30 state ballot access, Constitutional Party 13 state ballot access, Green Party 18 state ballot access. 6 states June deadline. 8 states July deadline. 26 states August deadline. 8 States first week of Sept. So much to do, so little time.

LINCOLN, NE, MARCH 26, 2012 - Americans Elect announced today that it has secured presidential ballot access in Nebraska. More than 9,000 registered voters signed the Americans Elect petition, nearly twice the state requirement, signaling that Nebraskans want a serious alternative choice for president this November.


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They'll be close

With all the money they're spending, AE should make all 50 ballots. The Libertarian Party might do it as well, especially as RJ Harris (remember him as a Congressional candidate last time?) is running for President and spending the bulk of his campaign resources getting ballot access in his home state of Oklahoma, which is notoriously restrictive.

I'm curious to see how soon AE rolls out its board members' pre-selected candidate. Rumor has it they have a John Huntsman/Evan Bayh ticket lined up. But they'll probably let their phony online voting process run first.