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VIDEO : Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendments To Lower Gas Prices 3-27-12

VIDEO : Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendments To Lower Gas Prices 3-27-12


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I would love ....

to see Obama get grilled about this. The media just seems to completely ignore his whole fraud based "Green" program.

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Just keep domestic oil inside the US

The oil companies take US oil and sell in overseas where they get a higher price.

Makes sense

to me. Taxes are a cost.


I am having an argument with my brother regarding this, he says that Ron Paul would never have introduced such an amendment because it further distorts free markets and it is in fact protectionism to advantage the oil companies.

Wouldn't tax break on a certain industry (oil in this case) further increase market inequalities vis a vis competing industries (like green industry)? Wouldn't the "Ron Paul" solution be lowering corporate tax rate as a whole instead of favoring a particular industry?

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Yes, the Ron Paul solution

Yes, the Ron Paul solution would be to lower corporate tax rates across the board, as a whole... And I believe that is also what Rand said in this speech.

1) lower corporate tax rate to a flat 17%
2) eliminate loan programs

yes that's what I recall said

yes that's what I recall said in the video too


for clarifications

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

I believe Rand Paul would be advocating the same type of breaks

for green energy if it was more of a viable source of energy to use right now. I think green energy could work and has great potential, but as far as cost effectiveness and the control the oil companies have, I believe the free market dictates right now that we feed the beast which is oil. Corporate taxes being lowered is the obvious solution to encompass all businesses, but I just don't think it is a platform Rand can push and win, so he chunks away a little at a time, and I believe at the same time gains favor with big oil which is always a winner when you are going to run for President of the USA someday. I think Rand Paul is playing the game just the way he needs to in order to gain momentum for his future run. Sometimes you have to get yourself a little muddy when you are charging the hole.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Hey Rand You Want Lower Gas Prices???

Then lets start GROWING HEMP FOR OUR FUELS!!! To hell with the fossil fuels WE DONT NEED THEM!! It blows me away how few Americans really realize that there is no need for these EARTH DESTROYING fossil fuels!!! Rand should be educating the masses on the clean burning hemp fuels!! You want clean burning Ethanol/Methanol? HEMP CANT BE BEAT! You want a CLEAN BURNING BIO-DISLE?? HEMP CANT BE BEAT! yet NO ONE talks about this..To HELL with DRILL BABY DRILL..how about GROW BABY GROW! I promise you this...for those of you who think I'm talking crap, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Look at what Henry Ford did with the Hemp plant and come back here and tell me I'm crazy. One of thee most important reasons to elect Ron Paul as our President is this man will allow us to grow this God Send and use it to save our country. FOOD FUEL FIBER & MEDICINE. There is not one other plant on earth that can even come close to the Hemp plant for what it can do to SAVE THE WORLD. Why do you you think this non toxic God Send has been demonized world wide??? Because it is "THE TREE OF LIFE" Jesus Christ himself used the Cannabis Hemp Plant for the main ingredient in the "Anointing Oils" (research this as well) and how much "History" is there anymore in our History Books about this plant??...NONE. I would applaud Rand Paul if he had the balls to bring the truth out about this..we must get his Daddy elected..period. Rand is no Ron.

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

Rand Paul supports hemp

Rand Paul supports hemp farming. I heard those words out of his own mouth not 4 weeks ago.

You're too damn impatient, he's been in the Senate for one year. He understands the game, has the patience to play it and in the end that is going to pay off for us far more than what Ron was able to accomplish in DC.

Can't you see they're working in tandem? Ron is working the hearts & minds and Rand is doing the dirty work in Washington.

Do a little research and you'd see he supports hemp.

Yup you're right. Read in

Yup you're right. Read in Ron's book Liberty Defined, in the chapter about slavery. He talks about political "agitators" who prepare the way for reformers to come in and start changing the laws. Ron's role has very much been that of an agitator..preparing the way.

by chance

did u hear those words out of his mouth in a video?
I too would like to hear such words =D
if at all possible, could u link me to them? It would make me smile =P

ford hemp car


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

+1 for Hemp

excellent point that I can't believe I forgot about lol

keep knocking on those doors with that real solution ;)

and here's a vid showing

and here's a vid showing Henry Ford's hemp car


Just watched it. He's

Just watched it. He's definitely going for the intentional partisan rhetoric, but I didn't hear any neocon speak nor adulteration of liberty (unless you count his meet-them-half-way approach via putting half of savings towards debt and half towards infrastructure... the same approach his dad has advocated).

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Oh, Rand

you naive little boy. The oil companies (Rockefeller Family) control the government and created the Federal Reserve, all medical education (Western medicine), the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, etc. The military industrial complex is the Oil Companies private army raping and pillaging nations and then stealing the oil, like in Nigeria. It was the Rockefeller Family and Rothchilds(British Petroleum) that overthrew the Iranian government in 1953.

I thought it was the

I thought it was the Rothschild family?

I will support Rand Paul

when his time comes. I am always amazed at how quick people here are to dismiss Rand Paul (the first term junior Senator mind you) as a quack, sell-out and establishment hack. If I remember correctly he has, almost single-handedly in his first 2 years helped fight against the re-authorization of the Patriot Act, fought against the passage of NDAA and sponsored a Senate bill to audit the Fed. He is not Ron Paul, there will never be another Ron Paul. If anyone here is expecting another Ron Paul to come around, or expecting Rand to agree with his father on every issue every time - newsflash - its not gonna happen. Rand Paul has flaws, it is up to us to ensure he stays on the right path but I believe he is off to a great start and I will do everything in my power to get him elected when his turn comes. I hope you will join me.

PS sorry if this is slightly off topic but I am always upset when I see people trying to discredit Rand Paul or write him of so early. He sounds kind of - get ready for it - like a politician in this video. That, whether you agree with it or not, will help him win the Whitehouse in the near future.

There is another category of

There is another category of people that don't dismiss Rand like lib below. I may be upset with things that Rand does and because of those things I don't completely trust him. But I would definitely support him.

It is health to let Rand know that he is not trusted. I believe he has enough character from his father that he would take our negative responses to him in a constructive way.

It is not just about disagreements. Justim Amash has a disagreement with Ron Paul about ear marks, but his reasoning is based on reasoning that in some senses seem to be more disiplined than Ron Paul . . . I just think he is wrong, but I respect him because he has solid reasoning. Justin may be another Ron Paul - he is certainly worth watching.

what matters is who you support at the end....

and rand is like demint and mike lee, who are genuine in talking a good game, but cop out in standing toe to toe with establishment policians like romney versus other conservatives. ultimately, rand will back whatever establishment wants for leadership - and that is when trust is broken as trust in demint and lee is gone due to their support of romney and lack of support of other conservatives.


You Quaint Libertarians

You silly libertarians. Don't you know that the solution to a recession brought on by high gas prices is for the government to just borrow $500 Billion per year and subsidize everyone's gas?

Listen to me. I have a Nobel Prize.

Paul Krugman, PhD, Ivy League

Listen to me..I have a Nobel Prize

....err so does O'Bama (for peace?!) and I don't listen to him.

Your nine votes is beyond me.


err... he's not the real Paul

err... he's not the real Paul Krugman... satire....

I Know He Is Not

...but he is kind of fun and he has really studied Paul Krugman who is, indeed, almost as arrogant.


Man the title of this video

Man the title of this video made me wary. I am glad I watched it though. Pre-watching the video I thought, "Oh crap no, is Rand making legislation towards regulating the markets now?"
For those who don't want to bother watching the video, the answer to that question is no.

You have to watch Rand Paul closely, his words have him walking a very fine line of advancement.
The two amendments in the legislation that Rand Paul proposes basically would restrict the governments greedy hands at the source. The proposals cut corporate taxes in half and goes after restricting government loans to corporations by getting rid of the Dept. of Energy. Both of those proposals are very much in the right direction of getting back to smaller government and more free markets into the economy.

If you watch Rand closely, you will see he leap frogs very well here. I say very well because he lands on the correct side which is for the people.
If you want to see what I mean but can't sit and watch the whole video for some reason, I recommend reading the title and watching at least the last minute and a half or so of it: http://youtu.be/GJ3bs6jo0xM?t=8m53s

That's a very different

That's a very different summary than the other comments. I'll have to watch the video myself!

My impression is that, with the exception of the Iranian sanction debacle (not sure how anyone could justify that), Rand is trying to actively rebrand the GOP with true free market, civil liberty principles. That is why he uses harsh anti-democrat rhetoric on issues that the GOP have also been guilty of.

While I agree that the GOP may be ripe for 'hijacking' with liberty lovers, rather than destroyed as others on DP would like to see (I'd be fine with that as well), I don't like the "partisan" language. I think he comes across as more pure when he emphasizes that both sides have been wrong and both sides are opponents to freedom and he's trying to fix it.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

He isn't always partisan..

He isn't always partisan.. but he can sure be subtle and doesn't seem to mind using partisan rhetoric to help make the medicine go down. In the beginning I often had to listen to his comments twice because he'd get my panties all in a bunch over something that sounded way too neoconish on the surface. But I'm used to it by now, and have come to appreciate his style.

Yes there is no doubt that if

Yes there is no doubt that if Rand was more direct then he would be more pure. But I do not see Rand merely looking to keep it simple for the stupid; I see Rand's agenda moreso as to try and dig as far into advancement as he can to give the establishment as thorough an enema as possible... without destroying the body


agreed, a good rinse is certainly needed.