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VIDEO : Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendments To Lower Gas Prices 3-27-12

VIDEO : Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendments To Lower Gas Prices 3-27-12


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glad someone caught that ;)

how's that saying go?

If u want to do real insult to the American flag don't burn it, wash it

something like that ^^

I'm really trying to trust

I'm really trying to trust and be 'open-minded' about Rand Paul, but it's not coming very easily, not like with Ron Paul. I'm starting to think that Rand really isn't much different from the other mainstream politicians. Perhaps I ought to do more research though

I think there is hope

but we will just have to see how Rand develops. I hope that I can be for him more than I can be against him. Probably he will have to deal with the devil to gain more influence with the establishment elites.

I was a bit disappointed with

I was a bit disappointed with this. Mostly because he just adopted the party rhetoric and bashed the lefties. There was nothing enlightening about his speech and frankly if he can't distinguish himself from the pack he will just sound like a establishment politician.

It may not be enlightening to

It may not be enlightening to you, because you understand already. You've already been taught by Ron or whoever else. It's obvious. But put yourself in the shoes of an average Republican still stuck in the partisan mindset, and who does not really understand economics very well. It's not a bad little speech.

Now do you believe?

Rand is a politician and nothing more than that. He's not like his father at all.

Another 'bag party type. Heck, Palin endorsed him...doesn't that say it all?

Ron Paul PLEASE have straighten out your son!


Ron Paul and Rand Paul are two different people, granted they are a family, but since I can't remember getting close to be exactly like my father, or even, at this age, e willing to sit down and hear him lecture me XD

What I'm saying is, I see no reason for Dr. Paul to have to straighten out his son when his son is already a senator and needs none of his help...

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
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Rand, I like what you say; BUT,...

one of the BIG reasons gas prices are so high are because YOU and your buddies in the Senate voted for crippling sanctions on Iran, destabilizing the petroleum market and driving hysterical speculation. You should have opposed those sanctions; then you might have some credibility on this issue.

Rand's a Political Hack

Rand's nothing but a consumate politician. Nothing close to his father. What an embarrassment. I will never understand the patience so many here are willing to exercise for this man.

Why should we NOT expect him to be EVERYTHING his dad is. He's privy to the greatest scholarship the world's ever produced. There's no excuse for the profound evil he's engaged in, voting for the death of innocent Iranian women and children for NO CRIME AT ALL. He KNEW better. Which means it was a POLITICALLY motivated vote. Which makes him a murderer as far as I'm concerned, and a calculated one at that.

And before any of you down vote me I ask you to REFUTE A SINGLE assertion I just made? Did he not vote for sanctions? Do sanctions not lead to the death of innocents? Isn't killing innocents the very definition of murder? Is Iran ACTUALLY developing nuclear weapons or threatening the US in ANY way? Didn't Rand already know they're NOT? But was voting FOR sanctions not the politically expedient way to vote? Yeah, put it together and you get it. So quit being stupid!

Rand's nothing but a

Rand's nothing but a consumate politician. Nothing close to his father. What an embarrassment.

And Rand has been a politician for exactly how long? The guy was an eye doctor until two years ago so get off this consumate politician crap. And he has fucked over enough of the establishment of both parties in his short time in the Senate to qualify as 'not one of the club.'

Take your purity test elsewhere.

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Yeah, you're right. Who the

Yeah, you're right. Who the fuck am I to judge a man for voting for murder when he's done a bunch of other stuff like, like, that one time he gave that speech about rights and stuff. Yes, he's so much more REEEASONABLE than his foolishly "PURE" father huh...

Purity test? Yeah man, I take MURDER pretty fuckin serious. The rest of us that do ain't so easily distracted by speeches about flushing toilets and light bulbs.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Oh damn!

That is awesome keep up the good work. I sure wish that Alabama was a caucus state. Might make plans on living in a caucus state that I like since I value the political process. Walking into a room and leaving a ballot with a bunch of strangers just feels wrong. Especially after you run it through a privately owned electronic machine.