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Widespread GOP Caucus Fraud : Full Scale Effort To Steal Ron Paul Delegates Exposed

Widespread GOP Caucus Fraud : Full Scale Effort To Steal Ron Paul Delegates Exposed

Doug Wead, a senior adviser to the Ron Paul Campaign, has exposed the fact that a GOP establishment director in Washington State has publicly made the claim that the Romney-Gingrich-Santorum campaigns have united to steal delegates from Ron Paul.

“Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones you will hear Alex Hayes, director of mainstream Republicans of Washington State, making the claim that the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns have united behind a common slate of candidates in Washington State to block the Ron Paul machine from winning the delegates.

The apparent move on the part of the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns is to block citizens favoring Ron Paul from taking over the Washington State delegation to Tampa,” wrote Wead.


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Ron Paul or No One!

I just sent this to the national GOP:
Please know the RP community is taking a stand; you have attempted to engineer the candidates of your choice, you have allowed fraudulent caucus rigging, and overall have condoned treating us like the unwanted stepchild. Hear us now; it's Ron PAUL OR NOTHING! We will vote no one else!
Adapt or die! We are angry at your failure to hear us!
Ron Paul 2012!

Please explain...

How is an anti-Paul slate considered fraud. Are rules being violated somehow?


I never said anything about slates. If you were sincere about why you are here I wouldn't need to explain anything, as you would understand. Go away troll.