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Gingrich fantasizes about pulling off an upset at open convention

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Standing outside the Maryland state capitol building on Tuesday, Newt Gingrich fantasized about what it would be like if no candidate won a majority of delegates and the GOP nominee had to be decided at an open convention in August.

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newts entire existence

has been and always will be a fantasy

mostly of mustached whores in dark alleys

I heard the convention is now scheduled to be on the moon

this multiplies his chances significantly

Newt fired his campaign manager

I JUST saw on the news that Gingrich has fired his campaign manager and cut about 1/3 of his staff. He's pretty much done. I don't know why he's even trying anymore.

The report is he is in deep campaign debt

On the radio this AM they reported he is selling campaign yard signs for $10.00 to keep going.

Yes, a good indication of how

Yes, a good indication of how he would run the finances of the nation (which he's not supposed to do, but all recent presidents seem to think they are supposed to do).

I'm watching Pawn Stars to see if Newt or Callista try to hock

some of those baubles from Tiffanys.

I doubt it. They probably

I doubt it. They probably retain their value better than the USD.