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Are we prepared for St. Charles Rescheduled Caucus

I know the St. Charles Caucus is rescheduled for Tuesday April 10th at 7 PM at the Saint Charles Convention Center. However, I can't seem to find what room they are using? Anyone Know? It appears the Grand Ball room has a capacity of 1676. The other rooms have a capacity of approx 400. Does anyone know how many attended the first caucus as we can expect many more this time. What are the GOP plans if they can't accommodate everyone? How early do our supporters need to get there? It starts at 7:00 pm. Do they have a time deadline? Are we ready if this thing goes late into the night? Can we get flyers into the college and ask for the youth support? IMO this is a very important event for team Paul. Any thoughts from those going?

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people are on top of it

This all is covered elsewhere. You need to contact people directly involved. If your purpose is to assist Paul people ask Brent Stafford, who is a major organizer for Paul in the state and who is going to that replay caucus.

This group is formed by people supporting various candidates, including Paul, and seeks to have a fair caucus

it has been moved

to the 2nd floor bathroom on the casino ... for all romney and santorum types

Got it and

thank you.

Welcome Newbie

Why not check with your local Meet-up or campaign office? Or the local newspaper? How were you notified last time?

We're not posting strategy in public, anymore, so it's best to connect with local supporters for this type of information.

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