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Teach people to vote for Ron Paul and earn silver and gold

all at the same time!
Dr Paul would be proud of how this works!
Please check it out.
RON PAUL Copper Rounds are HERE! I am offering Ron Paul Copper Rounds for the cheapest price that you can get anywhere!
20 rounds for $39.99 including shipping,
40 for $75.99 including shipping,
80 for $143.99 including shipping,
and 100 $169.99 including shipping!
Just go to http://www.ugetgold.com
Click "shop for copper"
The Ron Paul rounds will be the second rounds or the ones on the bottom. You can choose 20, 40, 80, and/or 100 Ron Paul rounds!
All the rounds will be 1 AV .999 ounce copper rounds

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very good morning


I have 100 on the way to give to people

in the Greer, SC meetup group

This is a one of a kind idea

unique to the World!