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IF anyone was to drop out, and run third-party now. Questions.

I am NOT saying Ron Paul. I want Ron Paul to stick to whatever his plan and his advisors plan is.

But, here are a couple scenario's I've been wondering about:

Gary Johnson for example dropped out of the Republican Party, and is now running on the Libertarian platform.
Is he on the ballot in all 50 states as a libertarian? How difficult would it be to get on the ballot for the general election in all 50 states?
Each state of course is different, and we all clearly have seen cases where only Paul & Romney were on the Virginia primary ballot, because all others did not collect at least 10,000 signatures before the required deadline/date.

So now, let's say Gingrich dropped out today and decided to run third party in the new 'Big Ego Party'.
Would it be easier for him to get on each states ballot for the general election in March, as opposed to waiting until after the Republican national convention in August?

Any good links or answers would be appreciated. *

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It looks like

it would be possible to stay in the Republican process through
California and then decide to continue or not. If not, it would
still be possible (it looks like) to get the Americans Elect
nomination and ballot access along with...


Going third party right now would likely be premature,
but if it's going to be done anyway then going early
has some advantages..

I completely agree.

As it looks right now, Romney can't get 1,144 delegates until at least May 22nd or later. So, with all of the State Conventions coming up, and other primaries, there is no reason for Ron Paul to drop out. I hope he can keep fighting all the way to Tampa for the GOP nomination.

Thanks for the info.

Another Viewpoint

The Third Party Trap:


Ballot access hurdles have been made *very* high, contributing to the marginalization of 3rd parties in recent history.

It is, in effect, the exact sucker's move that Jesse Ventura has railed against, and that the MSM and the Republicrats are promoting for Ron Paul.

I think I agree.

Thanks for the Link to the Excellent Article

There are many new people who believe that a third party for RP would be a greener pasture. The article reminds me of my own experiences with various third party inititatives. I will post the link everytime I see someone look at a third party as something to be desired (unless someone else posts it first).

I might add one point to the ones in the article.

No one knows if and when there will be a "right" time for a third party to emerge. It can happen and everyone should keep their options open for the future.

However, for this year and for Ron Paul, the only viable approach is the one that is currently being pursued.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Big question.

Is running third party NOW even worth it? Can Ron Paul get on every ballot now if he ever dropped out, and decided to run third party?
Of course I realize with Santorum dropping out, and probably Gingrich being next, Ron Paul increases his chances of being the 'Anti-Romney' vote, so we might start winning some more state beauty contests.
But, when would the deadline be to make it a legitimate push for a third party run? If he can't get on every state ballot, that would really not be good. *