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North Dakota to Vote on Eliminating Property Tax!

On June 12, 2012 North Dakota could set a precedent on property taxes. It seems we have a good chance on passing this amendment. Here is a very good video on this subject. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/k2VzCqam0PI

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This is the first step to

This is the first step to truly bringing freedom back to America.

1. Abolish the property tax, because if you have to pay a yearly tax to government to stay on your land, you are in fact renting from the government and don't really own your land.
2. Abolish the income tax, because it is the government telling you it owns your income - and in fact part of your life because your time on Earth is limited and part of it goes to working for a living - and it will say how much you can keep.
3. Abolish the Fed, because why should people have to pay interest on a medium of exchange, which is all money is? Let's make money work for the people and not against it. The dollar APPRECIATED nine percent in value from 1789-1913 and has went down 98 percent from 1913-2012.
4. Institute a Constitutional system of tariffs. This is how basic government was paid for in one way before the invention of communist property and income taxation. This can also be used to protect American goods and promote manufacturing returning to America. This is how our manufacturing base originally prospered. We protected it.
5. Go to a user system. If you want to drive on the roads, you pay a gas tax at the pump for the maintenance of the roads. If you want to go to a park, you have to pay a user fee (per visit or yearly membership). If you want to send your kids to school, you have to pay for it. This way society has the say what government does and sees the costs and benefits of it. When there is no income or property tax, there will be money to pay for government services folks want.

Then obviously the federal government needs to be cut back to Constitutional limit, with a bridge for those who are dependent and were forced into contracts with the government for things like social security and medicare.

Property Tax needs to go

it prevents you from actually owning your house which is communist taxation. i will purchase a place where there is no property tax for a home i will always have incase things go bad.



I agree...

I don't believe they will dare to "sock it to us". If this passes, it will send a message to Bismarck that will ring in their ears for years to come. The thing I'm worried about is how many people actually listen to the scare tactics instead of studying the issue. Furthermore, I am VERY concerned about our lack of funds compared to the opposition. We need LOTS more money in order to run an effective advertising campaign. And I am certain the opposition is going to hit it HARD two weeks or so before election day. Is the grassroots ready to step up and beat this Goliath?

Raising Taxes is Unnecessary

Actually it is not necessary to raise other taxes if property taxes are abolished in North Dakota. Even our former governor, Ed Schaefer, admitted this and called for an end to scare tactics like this. There are two ways this is true. First of all, even with the elimination of property tax revenue, there is enough existing revenue to meet all the legally imposed obligations of the state. The North Dakota Policy Council identified about $921 million of wasted spending in it's North Dakota Pork Report. Secondly, the Beacon Hill Institute (an independent group) did an econometric study on the effects of abolishing property taxes in the state. They project 10,000 new jobs created in the first year and that with the influx of business and people that the added revenue will pay for what was lost.

This constitutional amendment forces the legislature to prioritize spending. First, they must fully and properly fund K-12 education. Second, they must fully and properly fund all the legal obligations of local governments and THEY CANNOT DICTATE TO LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS HOW TO SPEND THE MONEY!!! It gives local control to local governments. These are the things they are mandated to take care of FIRST (before special interests)!

This is an awesome opportunity we have in North Dakota! However, the opposition is working hard to sink our movement with distortions, misinformation, and lies. We are in DESPERATE need of donations to fight this. Any little bit is appreciated! Please visit www.empowerthetaxpayer.com. Help us in the fight. If passed, this will likely be a standard for other states to follow. Perhaps yours could be next!

Thank you! And God bless!

Scare tactics

I was listening to a talk show out of Fargo the other day and the host went on and on how "they will get us" if ND passes this measure. Meaning that Bismarck will sock it to the people if this goes through. I think it will be just the opposite, it will be "they" who will be scared. When this passes, all eyes will be on "they". It will be in their best interest to roll up their sleeves and make it work, and when it does, they will embrace it.

I'll give an example. In one city in ND the citizens used an initiated measure to eliminate fees for permits. The city fought it using scare tactics, it didn't work and the citizens voted to eliminate fees for permits. The city then embraced it and used it as a way to attract people to their city.

Property tax/Income tax

Property tax means you can’t own the dust you were made from.

Income tax means you can’t own the dust you are made of.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
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This is a good step

in the right direction. The state does not own the land, and has no right to tax it.

One problem...

...where will they get the money to run the schools?

No doubt the end of property tax (hopefully) will shift the tax burden on to other sources; increased sales tax or other assinine taxes. Either way THE MAN will get his money to run the state.

I'd agree w/ RP

that the 'missing link' includes a restoration of the currency.

If so ~ your dollar purchased 98% more in FedRes terms

-imagine the freedom (and bona fide pride) when donating to the bridge, school or space program of your choice

-imagine the freedom when avoiding dependence on mandated vehicles like Social Security

-imagine the freedom to withdraw from corrupt or abusive agencies (including foreign military occupations or bank bailouts etc)

IMO this is the principled ideal: volitional governance

yeah, but it is a start.

increasing the sale tax isnt done in an eye blink.
Schools need to be run by the ones that know how to run schools effectively.

This is awesome!

A tax on property is one of the worst forms of taxation (that and taxes on income) in my opinion. I remember as a kid being baffled over property taxes. How can you "own" property if you have to constantly pay a tax on it? And how can anyone afford it? Where I live, if you're making minimum wage, property taxes will eat up roughly 75% of your annual income. It's ridiculous! Anyway, I hope North Dakota is wise and abolishes property taxes. This would surely set a precedent!

Abolish all taxation

IMO Anti-voluntary coercion is unethical while this a step towards a principled ideal: volitional governance where all public agency is funded by choice and its ethic is based upon individual rights.

Go N.D.!

Hopefully its a good place for IT and Business

it seems like one of the best states for jobs thats for sure.

Silly Measure 2

I wonder what it is about communism that these people don't like. How will they socialize schools, transportation, safety and sanitation?

North Dakota 's the place to be seems like-

Voting away Property Tax
Has it's own State Bank-unemcumbered by the FED

10th Amendment Kinda State!

I'm from TX. Believe me, it aint' the Independent it still carries a rep for. Unless Debra Medina has her say!

Hurry up TX! ND and Ut are stealing your thunder! LOL

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

How long before they vote on this?

I've been clicking on this thread every time it pops up. :)

NVM.. Just saw the video! Great. (Different thread it seems lol) I didn't even read it because I thought it was the same one from last time. :) Doh.

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They vote on it June 12th.

They vote on it June 12th.

OMG this could spread far and wide!

GO North Dakota, GO!
It is true that now people simply sell before they can't pay taxes. However, during the great depression MANY folks had government foreclose and auction their property for unpaid taxes. Yet another way the uber rich prosper during what are hard times for most folks.

While I agree with ending the

While I agree with ending the archaic process of property taxes; I'm not sure North Dakota will have the outcome they desire or think they will have.

'Measure 2' is an amendment to their State Constitution, however, without a spending bill which decreases the State's overall spending also, the taxes which would have been collected for property will now be collected by various other taxes -some which probably aren't even invented yet. So, while it may be a nice place to own a piece of land, State taxes on everything else would have to increase, and if people decide not to use services which are taxed like Electric from the Grid, then the taxes on line transmission will either increase dramatically for those who do use Grid Electric, or the tax on something the majority of people do use will increase. If they do not have sufficient spending decreases to go along with the elimination of Property Taxes, North Dakota will run into problems.

What their 'Measure 2' will create is a place where those who live there will be in good shape, but it will also allow 'Big Money' to purchase large swaths of land -investing in a tangible asset- and to accumulate nearly the entire State, thereby eliminating the potential for others less well-off to actually move there and thrive due to increase taxes in other areas.

How Ironic

I just got orders to Minot AFB today! Looks like i should sell my home here in Ohio and Buy in ND!

Grew up in Minot..thanks for

Grew up in Minot..thanks for your service!

My Dad is up 'er

He just sold his house and built a new one because it bout doubled in value! ...Cold...


But how will water,

But how will water, electricity, education, roads, food, and life exist without property taxes?!

I'm not sure if you are being

I'm not sure if you are being serious or sarcastic. However, to answer your question; they will be including new taxes and increasing current taxes, because North Dakota apparently didn't think that decreasing spending was a big priority before they decided to end property taxes.

they didn't end property taxes

they are going to VOTE on ending them. The vote takes place in June, if successful, the taxes would end sometime later.

if one looks at the amount of interest paid to banks and diverts that same amount to education instead....

Great video! TN has no income

Great video!

TN has no income tax (there was a big battle to implement one a couple years ago that was defeated). If we were to get rid of property tax, would everything just come through sales tax? Are there any other, perhaps more just, avenues for taxation than sales?

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The first thing any State

The first thing any State should do, would be to decrease spending as low as possible before they eliminate Property Tax. The reason being, is that if they have the same budget amount after they eliminated property tax as they had before they eliminated property tax, then the amount which was what the property tax brought into the State coffers would have to be made-up elsewhere.

This is a great thing for 'Big Money' because they could just come in and buy-up as much land as they could afford and never have to pay any property tax for having it; it would be an investment millionaires and billionaires could not refuse -plus it would be a can't lose situation for them. If the land values increases, they could sell some, and if the economy tanks the 'Big Money' types would have a tangible asset with real value, thereby protecting their -possibly- ill-gotten money and wealth from devaluation or total elimination. Considering that all of the other tax collection processes actually requires that a person lives in the state to pay such taxes, the 'Big Money' could just keep undeveloped land with a cabin on it and never have to pay taxes for anything, meanwhile owning nearly the entire State.


It's the one word answer to all questions concerning rights. Who owns the property?

Once that's answered. The question about rights answers itself.

Thank you Michael Badnarick.

Outstanding presentation!

I have probably had 3 conversations about property tax and home ownership in the last month. I see property tax as an oppressive tax. After all, you work your productive years and buy a house... then you retire. Typically your income declines, but you still pay this tax after the home is payed for. Clearly an unfair tax. Renting is just a way to transfer this tax to someone else.

I would surely consider moving if this comes to pass... or work in my state to do this same thing!