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Ben Swann Reality Check Thursday: Washington GOP Railroads Delegate Slate

From Ben Swann's Facebook page:

Thursday, Reality Check is taking a look at the video out of Washington where delegate slates are being railroaded... also, an update on Missouri... plus, I have some updated information on the process in Maine. Looks like Charlie Webster may be attempting to put out bad information again. Thursday's Reality Check will be a big one.


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Romney, Paul Allege ‘Dirty Tricks’ by Santorum Supporters

Romney, Paul Allege ‘Dirty Tricks’ by Santorum Supporters
By Sarah B. Boxer | National Journal

The campaigns of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have filed a complaint alleging “serious and prejudicial misconduct” by supporters of rival Rick Santorum at the March 17 Missouri caucus that they say amounted to “voter suppression.”

The complaint, filed with the state Republican party and several caucus officials and dated Monday, demands that the state party refuse to recognize the delegates from Jefferson County, where the campaigns say the improprieties took place.

At that caucus site, the complaint says, Santorum supporters deliberately delayed the proceedings when they realized they were outnumbered by a combination of Romney and Paul supporters. After the Romney and Paul voters stormed out in frustration, the proceedings were allowed to resume, and by that time, Santorum voters had the edge, the complaint says.

Read More: http://www.nationaljournal.com/2012-presidential-campaign/ro...

Hope he

I hope he gets his facts straight. Alex Hayes was not the caucus leader or a GOP leader. He is just a shill for the Romney campaign and president of the Mainstream Republicans.

Matthew Edward Hayward

That should be good. His

That should be good. His take on it all should be very interesting.

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