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WASHINGTON POST : Does The DC Primary Matter At All?

WASHINGTON POST : Does The DC Primary Matter At All?

Yes, D.C. has a Republican primary. And Republicans.

The city that GOP candidates love to trash will award sixteen delegates next Tuesday on a winner-take-all basis.

Small change, for sure, but in the race to 1,144 delegates every little bit helps. D.C. allocates more delegates than three other states (Delaware, New Hampshire, and Vermont) and four territories.

A fundraising party for DC National Republican Committewoman candidate Teri Galvez. (Rebecca D'Angelo - For The Washington Post)

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is overwhelmingly favored among the 30,000 registered Republicans in the district.

At a D.C. GOP fundraising dinner this week, Romney won a straw poll with 72 percent of the vote. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich came in second, with 8.2 percent.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum isn’t on the ballot, having failed to even contact the D.C. Board of Elections.
But Romney has sent staff to D.C. to help with get-out-the-vote, and there are robocalls out for Gingrich.

The D.C. Republican primary has never been very competitive. In 2008 D.C. held its primary on the same date as contests Maryland and Virginia, creating buzz for a “Potomac Primary.” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) won easily and turnout was up significantly — 5,873 voted, compared to 2,433 in 2000.


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Why is MSM asking? Is Ron Paul projected to win?

When it appeared Ron Paul would win Iowa, the talking point was it did not matter.

This BS article does even not mention Ron Paul. With Lil' Ricky NOT even on the ballot, and Newt's campaign spiraling downward; DC is shaping up to be even more of a direct contest between Ron Paul and Romney.

Very suspicious that the PresstituteMedia is 'down playing' this contest. Makes me think that Ron Paul will do very well - and - that they are worried.

Let's take DC folks!