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3rd Party Run Petition

"We will present an ultimatum to the GOP"

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Petition FAQ

Note: this petition does not advocate abandoning the GOP strategy. Please review the FAQ. It presents the case that the "most strategic action Ron Paul can take to win the GOP nomination is to run on a third party ticket." It advocates running both GOP and 3rd party. Here is our opportunity to stress the power of NOBP. This is leverage for the convention.

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Thanks roc_rob...

I have a similar thread that has gotten similar down votes that I like to refer as algorithmic vote flipping.

Don't worry the petition is doing really well right now so the feedback has given me confidence to start promoting this everywhere. Thanks for the post roc_rob!

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

This is not enough cause you dont give any explanation

why this is the most strategic action to win the GOP nomination.(??)
I think it will hurt his chances at a open convention to gain any influence.
This would be spinned to the point that RP never had a chance and is now running for 3rd party where his chances are even lower.

Also this is already the 2nd thread on this..

Please add my signature to the petition

All that's required is an email address - your name does not need to be displayed.

bigmikedude's picture

And then (if you're a delegate)

one day the email that you send to a GOP official somewhere for delegate duties, from that same address you used on this petition's list, checks out with the one you have registered with the GOP... or the RNC... and matches the one on this petition... and exposes you as a Ron Paul delegate.

Nothing like being careless in a wide open world of cunning thieves.

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If you are a GOP delegate, you'd be taking a risk to sign any

petition and add your email to a digital list...

Just a thought.

If for one second, you forget how hell bent the GOP has been on eliminating/disqualifying RP delegates, and actually believe for a second, that they wouldn't go as far to tie your name to an email address....

...you can imagine the rest yourself.

On information gathering promotions, I would use caution.

If you want to play this through to win, keep any information that can expose your identity to somebody else quiet.