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Iran War Pledge of Resistance - Not a Petition

This showed up in my email inbox today. Interesting it is not a petition but is a pledge to protest or act against the war with Iran. Sounds like something Ron Paul followers could support, so take a look. I'm not really sure where it came from or who is behind it.

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Looks Like an Attempt to Begin a Movement To Protest the Iran Wa

There is a box you can check to meet other people in your local area that have also signed up to protest the Iran War. Could be a good way to recruit more RP voters at the least and the beginning of an anti-war movement can't hurt us , can it? Who knows, maybe the apathetic young people will rise up and start protesting against War like they did in the 60's. A recent poll shows that 69% of people are against the current war in Afghanistan. Anybody in favor of protesting against War is a likely easy convert to Paul, no?