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The Time is Now for a Third Party Run...

This is a message I sent out today to our members at rp2012.org & Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC and it has gained a lot of support so I decided to share this with the Dailypaul. Remember that I encourage Ron Paul and Ron Paul delegates to do as much as possible to win the nomination at the GOP convention, but Ron Paul can and should announce a parallel third party candidacy as soon as possible. Please read on:

Greetings r3volutionaries! If you're already on board with the idea that Ron Paul should run a third party ticket and need no explanation please sign our petition at rp2012.org. Please spread the word and donate so we can get the word out as fast as possible! We want to purchase ads on the DP!

We've come a long way since Ron Paul first announced his candidacy in May of last year. Many of you continue to fight tirelessly to get Ron Paul the GOP nomination and that should be commended and continued. Yes there has been fraud. Yes there has been corruption. Yes there has been media bias. Yes the establishment and the powers that be are doing everything they can to stop Ron Paul from winning the GOP nomination. Many of you are now deflated about our prospects. Some believe we have insurmountable odds and others may be thinking about what few concessions we can get from the GOP. But have we been deceived? Have we deceived ourselves into thinking that these are our only options? (If you know where I'm going please sign our petition at: rp2012.org. Please spread the word and donate so we can get the word out as fast as possible! We want to purchase ads on the DP!)

Could we have always been in a position of power? Could we have always had the leverage against the powers that be and never realized it? Have we always had the GOP backed into a corner, but never bothered to look? Think about it. Ron Paul polls just as well against Obama as Romney does and has the most unwavering support out of any other candidate running! Most Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney no matter what happens. That means that Romney will likely lose to Obama anyways.. (In fact Gary Johnson already polls around 7% nationally and will take votes away from Romney) The only way the GOP will win is for them to select Ron Paul! If Ron Paul runs a third party ticket now, he will let the GOP know that he's serious about saving our country and that they are either going to get Ron Paul or Obama! (Please sign our petition at: rp2012.org. Please also spread the word and donate so we can get the word out as fast as possible! We want to purchase ads on the DP!)

The best part of this strategy is that even if the GOP doesn't choose Ron Paul as the nominee, he still has the best shot out of any third party candidate to win the Presidency ever! Ron Paul already polls around 18% in a three-way race.
(Please sign our petition at: rp2012.org. Please also spread the word and donate so we can get the word out as fast as possible! We want to purchase ads on the DP!)

Why now?
Ron Paul needs to get ballot access and it will practically be impossible if he waits until after the Republican convention in August. (Please sign our petition at: rp2012.org. Please also spread the word and donate so we can get the word out as fast as possible! We want to purchase ads on the DP! )

If you have any other questions please read our FAQ at: http://www.rp2012.org/3rd_party

We've reached a critical junction in the campaign, and Ron Paul's decision now will change our future. Your decision to encourage him may just be what he needs to make that decision. If you'd like Ron Paul to take a stand to ensure he goes all the way to November 6th, 2012 make it known! (Sign our petition at: rp2012.org. Please also spread the word and donate so we can get the word out as fast as possible! We want to purchase ads on the DP! )

How else can you help?

Spread the word:
If you have a facebook page, twitter , youtube account please spread the word! We are also looking for inspirational videos because this idea deserves inspiration...

We will purchase ads on the Dailypaul/ Ron Paul Forums and all the other liberty websites. We will also purchase facebook and google ads. Please donate today.

We need volunteers to make phone calls to our members and other Ron Paul supporters to spread the word!

Email us at: info@rp2012.org
Thanks Josh Tolley for the inspiration... and for those that haven't seen the video: http://youtu.be/IU2AvSwzuok

Excited about a third party run? We'll have a conference call tomorrow:

Wednesday, March 28th at 9pm ET.
Dial in #: 641-715-3200
Access Code: 1048840

Hope you can make it.

Let's do this and remember YOU can be the difference!!!

For liberty always. Jd.

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I totally agree with that.

I think that is behind a lot of the 3rd party noise.

Experience & success

Personally, I've never talked with anyone with significant third party campaign experience who advocates a third party campaign. I'd really like to hear from someone with experience and success of sorts, who has a plan.
Election obstacles erected before and after World War 2 intended to block access to the Communist, Socialist and Socialist Workers campaigns are still there waiting to stall, delay, enervate and extinguish any third party campaign.
For example: In Illinois, a Libertarian or a member of the Constitution Party cannot be an election judge. Neither can an Independent. Every election judge, court clerk, every court judge and every Board of Election member we would encounter will be left wing activist Democrat, or right wing activist Republican with years of experience battling political enemies. The media will be telling them for the next 6 months how Evil Paulies are. A lot of election workers will be convinced they are doing God's work by cheating Dr. Paul out of votes.
Deals between the Dems and Republicans on Board of Elections are common as dirt and go like this: I'll vote to keep the Libertarians off the ballot if you vote to keep the Green Party off the ballot. If Dr. Paul becomes really competitive, party hacks will toss votes by the millions and the press will do nothing.
Ooops. Gee. We forgot to put that Ron Paul fella on the ballot. Oh, well. It's too late now to reprint them. It's OK. Too many choices was confusing the voters anyhow.
1. Will there be ANY conditions that will cause the media to treat the 3rd party campaign differently? The people in the media have been defending the Leftist Democrats and Neocon Republicans for years and years. NO way the media is going to play nice. It will be twice as bad. You will see 6 months of media on every channel calling Ron Paul every name in the book.
2. Will campaign contributions be bigger? I dunno. Maybe. One guy can change the whole game. If somebody drops 20 million dollars on Ron Paul today, the whole game can still be changed.
3. Most of the country votes for the party their parents voted for. I'm a Democrat or I'm a Republican. This is a big hunk of what personal identities are. Asking 34% of the people to become a Libertarian would require educating tens of millions of people in short order and getting them to the polls.

I think a third party run without any media would be really tough. There does seem to be an awful lot of helpful college students, though.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ


This is a blatant attempt by the powers that be to pull enough votes away from the Republican nominee (assuming Ron Paul is not nominated) to make the general election an automatic win for Obama. It's so blatantly obvious that it is laughable. Ron Paul has clearly stated many times that it's not going to happen. When will this die?


The only time for 3rd party

is IF and WHEN Ron Paul says so. It's his choice.

Any Site that has AE

on it tells me that you don't get it

But Haven't You Heard?

"There is no path to the White House without Ron Paul" Believe it and support it like the rest of us here and quit the third party talk.


It's not even August!

It's not even August! Ughhh....

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

its not even

May yet.

we are at halftime people.

Lets suck it up and kick some GOP ASS

No kidding!

Did you not see the crowd turnout in Madison!??!?!? We are GAINING MOMENTUM. I was there last night and the Good Doctor looked absolutely delighted at the sheer amount of people that turned out. FREEDOM AND LIBERTY ARE CATCHING LIKE FIRE! YOU CAN NOT STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME!

The Restored Republican Party

IS the ONLY party of the revolution and it will continue to change as the Ron Paul revolutionaries oust the Marxist neo-conservatives from their positions of power. If all the RP followers understood Dr. Paul's strategy then there would be no more talk of third party. Here is that interview with Marry Wilson from the Los Angeles RP caucus:


Here is something I wrote there to watch out for in the interview:

"She made a couple of good points I haven't heard before. That the Democratic and Republican Parties are PRIVATE organisations who are running the elections and preventing people from expressing their preferences. The other point she made that resonated with me was that everyone she knew was running for public office, presumably as a Ron Paul Republican. This revolution has really taken hold and I believe that not only Dr. Paul but many other Ron Paul republicans (small r) will be elected this year."

Now is not the time to be talking about a third party run. This will simply divide the energies and resources of the grassroots from the job at hand, electing Ron Paul as President and all the other RP republicans to office in 2012.

The ONLY strategy that will actually effect the revolution is the takeover of the Republican Party by true republicans just like the founders of the original Republican Party, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

There are already 72 other parties who are going nowhere and they are all of one tendency or the other, either for individual liberty or for collectivism. There are only two possible directions and the present two Parties in power are both collectivist. This is why control of the Republican Party must be wrested from the grip of the Marxists who have deceptively taken over. Most traditional Republicans have been deceived and must be woken up to the deception.

Finally, by constantly saying that they will NOT vote Republican if anyone but Ron Paul is nominated many are alienating the traditional Republicans who could be our allies. The real opposition is coming from the GOP leadership not from the rank and file Republicans. The leadership must be replaced if they do not support the Restored Republican platform of Ron Paul and this can be made clear to the rank and file by the revolutionaries. Who you vote for in the general election will be your business. It is a secret ballot.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Third party talk wouldn't be necessary if

the GOP played fair. I don't see how anyone can expect the GOP to allow Ron Paul to be their nominee. I know it must be cumbersome to run a third party effort, but if Ron Paul ever wants to sit in the Oval Office, he'll have to do it. The GOP will lie, cheat, steal in every conceivable way to deny him any advancement. And, if he doesn't cow down and eventually endorse Romney, they won't even let him speak at the convention. Whoopie. They've got him where they want him, way behind. Thanks to all the mindless people voting Santorum. Wake up, folks.

alan laney

"The GOP will lie, cheat, steal in every conceivable way to"

"The GOP will lie, cheat, steal in every conceivable way to deny him any advancement."

If Dr. Paul runs as independent the GOP AND the Dems will lie cheat and steal in every conceivable way to deny him.

Our best hope is to transform the GOP, impatience is the one thing that can kill this movement.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Wow...another third party post...

You obviously don't know what we've been up to. Stop shooting us in the foot.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

In january it was a shot in the foot, now it's

a power-shot into the veins for the convention!

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)

This third party...

This third party crap has been beat to death, run into the ground and buried. No body is going for it anymore. Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! did anybody fall for that ? How about "The sky is falling!" "The sky is falling!" did anyone fall for that one? Noooooooo! then I guess they are not going for the third party troll baiting either. Give it a rest and come up with some new material, this recycled crap is getting really old, not a challenge and just plain boring.


It would be great if you admit the truth of

why you don't want to go 3rd party. It is bec of Romney and out of fear and love of leaving estab. Now, how anti-estab really are you when you think romney is such a nice, pleasant guy with hugs and kisses and you think it is inappropriate to turn away from him-estab and do your own thing.


I have never said...

I have never said that I don't want to go third party but I see it as weak and counterproductive. It is not up to me or you to make that decision, it is up to RP and only RP. The point of my comment is that your point has been made and noted, over and over and over. Give it a rest and move on to something new and interesting. You have harped and harped and harped on this subject until it is has no more strength. Don't you paid trolls get tired of this? We certainly do!!!!!!!!!


3rd party back-up plan

The time is now to quietly set up for a third party run as a contingency plan, but continue to proceed full speed ahead to the convention.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard


I'm being downvoted for saying continue with Plan A, but don't rule out Plan B?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

In order to get on board with this,

I need to have my basic question answered and no one ever has addressed it. I hear crickets, I tell you. I have always been told that a candidate can not run on two tickets at once. Many states have sore loser laws that prevent a candidate from going indy after having been on a ticket for the same office and losing.
How could he get on enough ballots to make a credible run, with these limits in place?

The sore loser law issue HAS been addressed in other threads.

Sorry, I don't have a link handy. Do a search on DP on that and you should find them, or search my comments specifically (back about 2-4 weeks)

I explained in much detail why sore loser laws do not apply to Presidential Elections.

Additionally, something I did not include in that explanation, is that John Anderson has already set precedent in those States with court challenges. I'm not sure if they are published and usable, but I would guess his lawyers should be able to help out if they need to be re-argued. Anderson ran in the primaries as a Republican, dropped out, and ran independent. He successfully got on all 51 ballots.

Now, that doesn't mean I endorse the 3rd party move - at least right now, or in the manner people are talking about it.

It has to be an either/or proposition for it to work right.

As for running on two different ballot lines, yes, some if not all states prohibit this.

Some even go so far as to prohibit petitioning as an independent or under a party label under one other than what you are registered as. I'm not sure how these affect Presidential races though.

3rd Party And Independent Candidates Have No Chance

Blooberg did the research. !5% of voters would vote for the Democratic candidate even if it were Ayn Rand. 15% of voters would vote for the Republican candidate even if it were Trostsky.

The part of the pie over which Dr. Paul would be fighting is too small, and he would have no media coverage or be allowed in the debates.

Ron Paul should continue building the movement, and continue inspiring us to RESTORE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO ITS ROOTS.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Same chest thumping and empty rhetoric w/ no plans

that corrupt politicans are famous for using to get votes and be a disaster.


Look in the mirror.

Look lib, you have no answer for the "debate problem."

Admit it, or pony one up.

Otherwise, this is nothing but trolling on your part.

Ron Paul will not be a disaster. According to what you just said, you think if he stays in the GOP, he will be. Seriously? Do you even read ANYTHING? (it is obvious you don't really read posts before replying to them, now I see you don't even read your own stuff before saving it)

for you, don't look in the mirror,

look at romney and you will see all you want to see.

i've already given the answer to the debate problem, but you don't want to leave romney's side and make your own decisions in order to really be in liberty.

why are you so resistant in not wanting paul to be around in the general election to challenge romney?


what answer?


I see no answer from you in this thread---no reference to the debate issue.

Other people have asked because that question is central to any planning for a Third Party/Independent run.

If you knew what you were talking about you'd understand why people ask.

You need to learn some things about Third Party/Independent runs instead of simply bashing those people who obviously do know much more than you.

solution - liberty network

use the money to start an indep network like GBTV. that will give paul coverage during the general.

any voice, however limited, is needed from someone sane bec obama vrs romney race is a big joke. romney has 0% chance - and i'm not saying that just bec i know he wants to is about to screw and backstab Paul bigtime, just as he has done with soem other conservatives in the last 2 elections.



1. get a great staff of libertarians that are willing to holler and hoot at media. lp party can provide some of that staff.

2. paul polls at 20% as independent, so he can holler with his sophisticated new staff and if his requestis not met, overall voters will become weary and more aware when a third party is not allowed to be in debates.

3. paul can provide answers in writing to questions posed to romney and obama during debates and critique both of them.

4. paul can put together youtube videos of criticisms of both romney and obama as general elections go on.

5. paul will indeed continue to get interviews as 3rd party candidate, just because he is such a big icon. ross perot did not ignored with 20% polls. gary johnson can easily get ignored bec he is not an icon. media won't risk completely ignoring an icon during a general if paul goes 3rd party - and i do think that is a fact.

6. regardless, you don't need any solutions to no debates, because the alternative is also no debates as paul will not win gop nomination at this pt.


Man, are you even comprehending what is being said here?

You haven't given ANY answer to not getting into the debates.

If you did - please link the comment, or repost the words here in quotes. I don't see it anywhere.

The only thing you did was repeat that Paul is polling around 20% in a 3-man race right now.

I gave you two historical examples where that was irrelevant, AND I gave you a logical scenario based on CURRENT treatment of Ron Paul specifically, as to why that will fade away quicker than a TV screen losing power.

You've come back with nothing.

You can't explain away the historical examples.

You haven't attempted to debunk the logical analysis.

You present NO solution to getting into the debates.

You present NO solution to keeping Ron Paul relevant to voters when he doesn't get in the debates.

You can't just SAY you did. You have to actually do it.

I'm not on Romney's side.

I'm not on anyone's side but Paul.

I'm not resistant to wanting to see Paul in the General Election ballot.

I'm working to get him nominated as a Republican because that is the only ticket left into the debates.

This is the path Ron Paul has chosen. Why can't you show respect for Ron Paul?

Why are you trying to thwart his BEST chance to WIN the Presidency by creating a diversion into 3rd party fantasy land?