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Warning: Do not take photos at any national park or government building, or financial building et al

A close personal friend of mine recently was given confirmation that they were put on a watch list, but deemed "not a threat" by DHS. His perceived crime? Taking pictures of a dam and of family and friends in the area of a dam in my home state after a family member's funeral.

For over a year his mail has been opened and searched. Photos taken, anything of value seized, like coins. And he was also informed by the source that his phone conversations were also tapped, and that they have our conversations recorded. I can't say that I am currently under surveillance, but am at least when I communicate with the individual.

PLEASE do not take ANY photos of yourself or anyone else, or any photos of any government building, park, resource et al.

It was said that there is a process for getting off of this list, and the person is considering undertaking it. But understand this is NOT America anymore! I am not kidding, this is not a joke, this is the country in which we live...

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The spirit of the Soviet

The spirit of the Soviet Union is alive and well in contermporary America.