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Applying to be in delegate in VA

Hi everybody,

I will be turning the paperwork in tomorrow to be a delegate. This Saturday, my county GOP will be electing delegates to go my district convention in May.

From what I can tell from pictures, county GOP website, etc., most of the people are middle aged or older, but I don't know exactly what to expect, because I've never been to a meeting before.

Does anybody know how they elect delegates? Like would I have to give a short speech about Dr. Paul? Or would it be best to say something along the lines of "I don't know exactly who I'm voting for yet, but I'm leaning towards Romney" because it's mostly older people? Any other information is appreciated, too.


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Remain Neutral...

Their seems to be a conspiracy against Ron Paul Delegates so, remain neutral. Give a speech and read up on Roberts Rule of order. You probably will need it. Have your cell phone fully charged for recording your event even, if your not holding it properly for a good picture.

go stealth

go stealth, focus on issues that u support,
or name some other candidates, take a hidden cam if u can !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

It would be helpful to be

studying Roberts Rules of Order. There's a whole video library on here to help you learn. It includes videos of real delegate conventions showing you what you can expect. Thank you for doing this. Good luck to you!

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Do you know any local Ron

Do you know any local Ron Paul supporters that you can work with? Do you know how many votes for Ron Paul were in your pricinct? Ron Paul virginia Facebook maybe. The campaign has online delegate videos for my state.


Since you are in VA shouldn't it be best to say you are for Romeny? Isn't the goal to get the most delegates for Paul at the brokered convention. I am saying since Paul only won 3 out of VA. And saying you are for Romeny and then just switch to Paul on the second vote.

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Thank you for your efforts.

I am a delegate (for Paul) from Norfolk (VA).

Not sure if my delegation will make it beyond anything local, but I am on the books.

You are the future. Stand your ground. Dr. Paul is winning in the grassroots.

For some ideas to defenses to Romney etc...please check out my forums and check out my latest thread about Ron Paul being "dangerous".

Cheers...and thanks for your support of the good doctor.

We can win this...

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

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Write a 60 sec speech about

Write a 60 sec speech about what you think is the proper role of government in your life, praise the GOP, and close with your favorite political quote.

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