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Is Not Registering For a SS# The First Step Toward Freedom?

Why Are We Still Registering for Social Security Numbers/Cards? It was created by FDR in 1935. Is it legal or necessary? What would happen if we refused to register for it? Is not registering for a SS# the first step towards freedom?

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If you refuse to register

you can't get into school, get a job, or open a bank account.

NOT TRUE!! it is more


it is more difficult, but all can be done.


Barajas, et al. v. Board of Trustees, et al , Sup. Crt. Sonoma County, 1990, No. 80963.)
see also (Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982))

your employer is only required to "attempt to obtain" a social security number.

Excellent post "Forever Liberty."

One of the most un-Constitutional things the government got away with was telling us THEY could better save for our retirement than WE could.

I see them arguing the constitutionality of Obama/Romneycare because it forces you to buy something.

But isn't Socialist-Security forcing us to "buy" our retirement?

Of course they hope you DIE before collecting a dime to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

Then add the personal income tax, making us in effect Wage-Slaves and you see how far from being FREE we are today.


We are shackled and closely followed by our masters by means of the Social Security number as you mentioned.

Your post is exactly correct. But once they have you, it's too damn late to ever get free.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

And yet we the people elected

And yet we the people elected people to Congress to keep social security going, so obviously a decent portion of Americans must agree with the system.


I tried to keep myself and my kids from having the numbers.
Of course after awhile it can become costly in a number of ways.
Now many businesses are asking for my tax ID when they make payments to me. The only victory of sorts is that my 5 kids have sequential S.S. numbers -well almost.

Now I take a more philisophical approach. So what if they have assigned a number to me? I've assigned one to them too: 666;)

*eye roll*

*eye roll*

The answer is YES!!! Of

The answer is YES!!! Of course you wont get the freebies and the privileges, but you cant have your cake and eat it too.

OR, in the alternative, if your parents registered you, UNREGISTER... SSA.gov http://www.ssa.gov/online/ssa-521.pdf

or better yet, the revised SDEM.org version


I did this YEARS ago, and have never been more free. NO FREEBIES, NO SOCIAL SECURITY, NO OBAMA CARE, NO MORTGAGES (you can find private investors).

more reading:

A Profound Second

To utilizing SEDM materials. If you start getting yourself off the teat of the system by disassociating yourself from the government's number, and stop using it, you have cut off the tyrant's jurisdiction at the source. If you don't know how to function well without one, start learning, the internet is a vast, self-updating library of materials like that site, that explains the why and how of restoring privacy and sovereignty to your life.



Endless millionaires were

Endless millionaires were made during the industrial revolution and they had no problems without SS#s right? What would it take to remove the SS# requirement to work?

Use Different Paperwork

Basically you have to disconnect yourself from the lazy approach of filling out IRS forms, that are prejudically worded to demand a SSN, TIN or EIN slave number, and to compell you to sign statements that declare you are a 'US citizen' or US person under their (slave) jurisdiction, and thus subject to withholding.

Offer to submit SEDM.org's alternative paperwork instead, or to sign up as a freelancer under an entity like an LLC (which may be created without getting a slave number). Or, if working online, get a foreign maildrop address and use that to sign up for affiliate or other opportunities (the online applications otherwise may make an American applicant submit an SSN/TIN in order to complete the forms).

We'd have to live in a free

We'd have to live in a free country. Which will NEVER happen without radical changes.

Nobody asked me or anybody I

Nobody asked me or anybody I know, our parents just came home from the hospital with us and our government assigned number.

The Hospitals..

are minions of the state...and will suffer beatings if they do not assign an SSN to your spawn, slave.

reedr3v's picture

We didn't register our kids, and since we

homeschooled were never challenged. but as soon as they sought jobs and when one decided to attend a high school, they choose to register. One is limited from many steps in life without a slave number.

Use a fake SSN and a fake name

So you can take advantage of the system without really being tracked. If it's okay for illegal aliens, it should work for the rest of us.

I didnt have a social

I didnt have a social security number for something like the first year of my life....I wasnt born in a hospital...I was born in my parent's house at the time. I do believe you could have a decent life without one although you would have to constantly jump through hoops without one abd run an unconventional small business. You probably couldnt hold a bank account but I do believe you could hold a job drivers liscense and house if you have the appropriate notarized witness of birth statements...however you cant be taxed without one...it would be interesting and I kinda wish I was never saddled with one.

non-resident alien

One can function well without a social security number and live freely as long as you don't choose partake of the privileges and benefits of the federal government. After all, if you were born in a state of the nation, you are a State National and not a US Citizen. A bank account can be secured with out a number if you are a non resident alien. However, if you elect to act as a trustee for a number and become a public officer you surely must present your social security number for a bank account as you have become a public entity for public scrutiny. Check out SEDM.org if you would like to learn about the law concerning this matter. We all must learn the law and live by the law. Remember, the number is not yours, it is the governments and you agree to its continual use via a contract that you continue to satisfy.

No, it's not

It's the 2nd step to a series of letters from the IRS disallowing or griping about the fact that you "deducted" your kids who don't have soc. sec. numbers. The 1rst step is being fired from your job because you have no soc sec. Yeah, yeah, I know about the Taco Bell case, no soc sec but you can still work. But you ain't gonna git know driver's license or bank account.

So then....which drain pipe or homeless shelter do you want to live in?

I prefer to fight from

I prefer to fight from within.

One isn't forced to have one,

One isn't forced to have one, as far as I know, however it is a necessity to exist with a decent life in these United States. The only life one will end-up with while not having a SSN is that of a vagrant or endless wonderer dependent on friends and hitchhiking to get to distant places or walking. Everything requires a photo-ID and one needs a SSN to get a photo-ID; so by default one needs a SSN.

I disagree

I live outside of the system and I live quite comfortably. I own my land, work for myself, and only pay taxes on a state level (sales tax).

Yes, it can be quite difficult (I was a vagrant for several years before I found my niche), but as with so many other things, you can make it work if you're determined/creative enough.

A signature used to be here!

Ain't life on the plantation wonderful?

I like that I can't see the fence; makes me feel free.


It's legal and necessary because we say so. And so you can be tracked, slave. Get back to work or suffer the consequences.

I checked "No" on the question at the hospital

got a card in the mail for my daughter 2 weeks later. I tried to let a person have a choice in the matter, no luck.

Have the next one at Home

.that kid will have freedom!



Uh, employers have to have the number so they can deduct it from your pay.

Parents now have to get the number in order to deduct their darling deductions.

I lost my card 30 years ago, but haven't needed to show it since then, but I have to produce the number (memorized) all the time. How can you file your 1040 without it?

Good luck unregistering. I'd be happy to share my number if anyone wants to contribute to my "account."

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