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End The Drug War Concert & Rally - feat. Adam Kokesh - Richmond, Virginia, April 20th, 2012


On April 20th, 2012, Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Virignia Commonwealth University will be holding an "End the Drug War Concert & Rally" in Monroe Park, Richmond, Virginia, from 1pm-6pm.

We have some great local music and a great speaker lineup.

Adam Kokesh - adamvstheman.com
Matthew Fogg - LEAP
Michael Krawitz - Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access
Eric Sterling - Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
Nathan Cox - Virginia Cop Block

Check out the facebook event for further info:



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I just found this event while

I just found this event while looking at Adam vs The Man's website. I live in Richmond and will be doing what I can to get out of work early to be there for as much fo this as I can.