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Rand Paul BLOCKS Sanctions on Iran



For those of you who have been against Rand since his bad vote on putting sanctions on Iran can now rest easily. He is the lone senator blocking unanimous consent for sanctions.

Thank you Rand for living up to your fathers legacy!

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Good going, Rand.

You grow a pair when you absolutely need to do so.

Excellent job Rand! Where the

Excellent job Rand! Where the hell is Sanders on this by the way? I thought he was supposed to be anti war and pro diplomacy!

Someone should show this to

Someone should show this to Scott Horton

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Scott Horton is a spaz when it comes to Rand Paul

He tries to make Rand Paul sound worse than Obama or Bush.

I wonder why?

Good question. I think it may

Good question.

I think it may be because Scott and others feel betrayed that Rand isn't exactly like his father.

I remember supporting Ron Paul in 08, and watching on youtube the speech Rand gave to a bunch of people in Oklahoma or some other state in support of his father. This was before he even thought he even had a thought of running for Senate. Listening to that speech I remember thinking, "Wow, a younger Ron Paul!". Now it is clear that Rand is his own man, and is pursuing many of the same goals as Ron, but has a completely different strategy for obtaining those goals.

This is all speculation, I have no clue why so many Ron Paul supporters are turned off by Rand. He made a bad vote, but if you look at the majority of his record, he is great! His speeches on the Senate Floor, and his interviews are always helping our cause. But I guess if regular conservatives like him for whatever reason, its those reasons that libertarians are turned off by him.

I still think that Rand has the ability to do much better then his father because of his larger appeal to the right. But will what he gains from the right be enough of what he loses from the left and from true north libertarians that support his father. That has yet to be seen.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Rand Paul is the best Senator by far

And while not up to par with Ron Paul, he's definitely the 2nd best member of Congress, yet some Ron Paul supporters treat him as if he is the worst.

It obvious they are being dishonest with themselves, when what they should be doing is contacting Rand Paul and letting him know where he could improve.