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Dan Halloran (R,L), was just picked by the Queens County GOP to run in the newly-created NY-6


The R3VOLUTION is alive and well. Finally, somebody I can vote for. For those who do not know, the NYC GOP is traditionally EXTREMELY weak (Repubs outnumber Dems in NYC 3:1). However....

Many of these neighborhoods have one and two family homes and have been represented by Republican elected officials like Senators Padavan and Maltese and approximately 40 percent of this newly carved district is currently represented by Councilmember Halloran.

The only position of his that I know of that may be perceived by some as un-libertarian:

Halloran, whose cousin, Lieutenant Vincent G. Halloran, an FDNY First Responder, died on 9/11, became the first elected official in New York City to publicly criticize the Park51 Cordoba House project near Ground Zero of the World Trade Center site, stating: "If we want a nation of peace ... then peace comes with understanding. And they need to understand that this is sacred ground to New Yorkers. New York City is the greatest city in the world [a place of religious tolerance, but that tolerance] starts when you say 'I understand your pain, and I am not going to inflict more on you'", he added, describing Ground Zero as "sacred ground to New Yorkers".

This is GREAT news for the liberty movement in a place that is often times antithetical to liberty.

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might want to double check

might want to double check this but there may be some problems with halloran's foreign policy ... big problems ... sounds big pro israel pro iran war ... just thought i would add to the conversation

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

look at his facebook posts

look at his facebook posts ... yeah he shows up at paul events and supports paul but it makes no sense to support paul if you don't support the foreign policy ... even some of the domestic issues he takes are anti-liberty

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Quick bing search shows an

Quick bing search shows an article from today where he says he doesnt agree with dr paul on foreign policy. Typical straussian bs. Im losing more and more faith in the Libertarian Party. They nominated Barr and now they're behind this guy? I have a feeling that pretty soon "libertarian"(little "l") is going to go the way of "conservative" and become how Republicans define themselves. I remember a couple years ago I heard Hannity say he considered himself to be very libertarian. I had to turn my car around and go home to change my sh!t filled underwear.

I have to return some videotapes...

He is running in a very

He is running in a very Jewish district so this is not surprising.

[video] Halloran Announces for Congress

Dan Halloran Announces for Congress 3-26-12

Webster Hall

Here are some clips of Halloran introducing Dr Paul at Webster Hall