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Converted an 80 year old Democrat!

This goes to show, you never know. I wish I had approached the neighbor myself long ago.

Earlier today, an 80 year old neighbor came over asking for help in his yard. I gladly went over with my chainsaw and helped whit his small fallen tree. I started the conversation of politics, and wound up spending much of the day helping the old guy. Cut down a couple of apple trees that he also wanted to be rid of.

During the time there, I convinced him of everything about Paul! I know it's a bit late for our primary, but he said he had voted democrat his whole life, but would vote for Paul this year...even if Paul is third Party.

A very small victory, but it was done much easier than I would have expected, having seen the democrat signs in his yard year after year. It just made me feel good, although I'm a bit sore from cutting trees all day, it was worth it! lol

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More Democrat are coming over

More Democrat are coming over to support Saint Paul.


I converted an 80-something recently, too! It's actually a great plan, because a lot of them vote, and also they talk with other people a lot because they have more time being retired, and as we all know word of mouth is so important!

Nice job

Nice job