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MSM: Using Gingrich to Oust Paul :- NOT WORKING.

Remember New Hampshire, when Paul came in second, They used the two Ricks and Huntsman to stay so as to deny Paul any delegates, now that the good Doctor is getting the delegates anyway, cause they were in two different races, MSM candidates (winning the straw poll, remember Pawlenty in IOWA?) Ron PAul Candidacy (winning the delegates).

Surely MSM is losing this battle and now the CNN "poll" just came out without understanding the delegate issue, or without educating the people they are taking the polls from. They are losing people, let them cry all they want, the good Doctor is not going anyway.

See you in Tampa MSM.

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I actually think this makes

I actually think this makes sense, if for example Paul would declare that all those MSM channels that have been twisting facts ignoring or distorting his positions, would not get any information from Paul administration.

How about that, what would they do then ?

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Quite frankly, it would be better for all, if all administrations stopped giving the press information. It would make them have to do their jobs instead of repeating White House talking points.

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I imagine if Paul wins the

I imagine if Paul wins the presidency, the MSM creepers will be out of a job. If I were the future President Paul, I would only do interviews with local media or new media not affiliated with the lame streamers.