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NYT writer tries to end Paul's campaign early, claims "no one can remember" his candidacy

As the Ron Paul 2012 primary campaign continues to roll on, New York Times opinion writer Frank Bruni attempts to end his bid for the GOP nomination early by claiming that "no one can remember" Paul's candidacy.



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you have been warned not to duplicate post

(repeatedly!) Stop!

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Writer Quoting Writer

Please be careful. One writer is quoting another. One op-ed is reporting on another.

Go to the source, and send a thoughtful response suitable for publication in rebuttle to the original op-ed, and send it to the editor.

More people will see it if it is published as a Letter to the Editor.

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Sounds like the writer for the ultra liberal NY Times

is getting nervous about the possibility of Ron Paul victory in November.

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Sounds like there needs to be

a huge Peaceful sign waving at NYT and CNN. Is it too far between the two to march back & forth?


Considering one is in NYC and the other is in Atlanta.

It Isn't as If There Aren't Enough Supporters

To do both!

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