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Media Blackout and Distortion of Ron Paul


Well, the video speaks for itself. We grassroots organized a group to March in the Chicago St. Patrick's day parade. We had Veterans for Ron Paul on point, a classic car, a home built float, 5000 Brochures, 1000 RP Slim Jims, kids for Ron Paul, and 1700 chocolate gold coins to pass out to the kids. Oh, and Lady Liberty, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams and George Washington.

The media ensured everyone that no presidential candidate was represented. Apparently, we followers wear the same invisible super secret cloak Ron Paul adorns.

i quickly counted over 175 before we started. In addition, a Republican friend of mine (who does not support Ron Paul but is active in local politics) sent me this message the next day:


I just had a nice conversation with one of my political mentors David. I've been doing political parades with him for over 10 years. He said your parade last weekend was one of the best he's seen. His three year old really liked the chant "end the fed". Good work gents. Keep up the good fight!


So there you have it; We didn't happen. Neither are any of the delegates taking local districts. Neither is Ron Paul's popularity.

That's the kind of not happening i can get behind. Keep the faith and keep pushing- you aren't alone anymore.


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I think most of the people

I think most of the people didn't show up because of the bad weather and everything. That must be it.


Red Delorean, dude!

WOW This is blatant

Pure in-your-face, documented for all time, lying by the media to the Chicago public! What were these two broads thinking??? I mean anyone in Chicago who happened to attend the parade would surely have seen the Paul group marching, and they would have known with all certainty that these two media whores were lying through their teeth. Who did they think they were going to fool? Even the people that didn't attend the parade would know someone who did who could tell them these two crones were full of crap.

The lesser of two evils is still an evil.

Can't wait to not vote for

Can't wait to not vote for Ron Paul!



If they don't see us coming

If they don't see us coming they can't stop us.

sharkhearted's picture

Yes! Well said.

STEALTH is the name of the game and is being used to our great advantage.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Nothing surprises me

only fuels me. thanks for video.

Not to mention...

The entire thing was streamed live!