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False Language is Powerful

Before diving into this topic I have a few elusive thoughts to report from an active mind.

I.Diversity versus Unity

That can be falsely associated with Liberty versus Crime and so it is important to separate Diversity versus Unity from Liberty versus Crime for reasons listed below:

1.Crime grows more powerful when the victims are confused.

Confusing the willful wrongs perpetrated by human beings upon innocent human beings with anything but Crime, which is Crime, defined by Criminals help Criminals get away with Crime. Don't confuse Crime with anything else, and the result will be less Crime, since the victims will no longer be confused. Note: The Criminals are not confused about their Crimes, they plan their Crimes, they commit their Crimes, they are not Confusing Crime with anything. The close association between the truth and the lie tends to hide the truth.

2. Liberty grows less powerful when the victims are confused.

Avoiding anything that may help to confuse the victims will help the victims realize their potential to become victims and then the victims have a choice instead of having no choice. The close association between the truth and the lie tends to hide the truth.

If there is confusion there can be a tendency to hide the truth and allow the liars to gain power over their powerless victims.

So, don't confuse the battle between Diversity and Unity with the battle between Liberty and Crime - please.

For your own good.

Diversity can be understood as a competitive advantage whereby there is one problem and an absence of solutions, and that can be illustrated mathematically:

1 Problem > 0 Solution

In that situation measured that way there is no power of human will that will solve the 1 problem, leaving God, Chance, Gambling, Providence, or such abstract ideas as Market Forces, or Government, left to solve the problem.

Enter stage left (or right = flip a coin):

1 Problem / 1 Solution

That is a mathematical expression of Unity in context of this elusive thought being reported from an active mind.

Now, before moving onto the days topic, please, consider the mathematical expression of Diversity, in contention, or in opposition to, a Single Problem.

1 Problem >/< X Solutions

How many solutions are possible: something less than infinity? X many solutions are possible, a number greater than zero.

Trial and Error tried Once, or Trial and Error tried enough times to actually overpower the problem?

Which problem?

Confusing Liberty versus Crime with Diversity versus Unity is a big problem.

Once the problem is solved, the trial and error period is over, as there is a unification of solutions into at least ONE that works.

Stop lying.

Problem solved.

Stop feeding the Legal Criminals by using their fraudulent money, as if it were ours, and the problem of Legal Criminals growing more powerful than their targeted, and innocent, victims, is solved, by that one solution, at least that one.

How to implement that one solution?

Trial ONE = Pretend it isn't a problem.

Trial TWO = Feed the Legal Criminals more Power and hope to God they leave you alone and work on someone else for awhile.

Moving on to the Topical link:

Seriously Deceptive

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False Language Applied Liberally

Seriously Deceptive

Please consider diving into the link above and use your own brain in knowing the true meaning of the message published by that link.

I have my competitive viewpoint on it.

If a Criminal Organization were to take over the Power of Law, to create Legal Crime, then those people doing that would have to figure out how to keep that Crime Spree going, or not.

If not, the Crime Spree stops.

The way that obviously works, for those well Organized Criminals who have taken over the Power of Law, is to deceive their victims into believing that the Criminals are no Criminals.

How do they do that, which would be an amazing show of Power, if it were true?

They, the Legal Criminals, would find a way to tap into the productive network used by the targeted victims in such a way as to transfer the productive power produced by the targeted victims, and then power would flow through those connections to those Legal Criminals.

That connection is made through all the forms of Currencies used by the targeted victims, including monetary currency, and including language, which is a currency.

How is language turned from a useful tool used by productive people in productive networks into, twisted into, and spun into, a parasitic connection whereby the excess production no longer flows to those who earn it, rather, the excess production flows to those who steal it through those parasitic connections invented by, produced by, and maintained by those Legal Criminals?

Look at the link, please, and see the answer.

You may want to use what you already know to formulate your own vital questions that you would ask any potential representative of you, or any potential representative of your family, or any potential representative of your Liberty, before diving into that link.

Here are questions that I would ask any potential representative of my Liberty, so as to find out if the potential representative of my Liberty is a fraud or an honest person, and in addition to that discovery, I also frame my questions to find out if the honest person has a workable plan to end Legal Crime.

Note: I don't use the script handed to me by anyone else, not the false Left Leaning Script, and not the false Right Leaning Script.

Questions for all the potential representatives seeking to represent Law, or Defense of Liberty, anything but Organized Crime Version X.

Is the single most powerful threat to human survival this Legalized Fraud that is a working Money Monopoly World Wide?

If the answer to number 1 is no, then what is the single most powerful threat to human survival, not two, but one, so as to focus defensive power against one thing, and so as not to water down power, divide power, and fail to defend against anything?

Will you ensure that the power awarded to you, once in office, will be power spent on avoiding any further destruction caused by the single most powerful threat to human survival which is that Legalized Fraud, which is a working Money Monopoly World Wide?

Along the lines of avoiding any further destruction caused by the Legal Criminals running the Legal Crime Extortion Racket that is accurately identifiable as the list of officers running The Federal Reserve and The World Bank, is a part of your plan to begin to invent, produce, and maintain an Honest Money System such as that workable System where Gold and Silver is lawful, competitive, honest, money?

And this is the end of my short list:
Will you at least work to actively, and accurately, identify, through the system of courts, a due process of Law, at least identify, even if there is no other punishment involved, at least identify, the worst Legal Torturers, and Legal Mass Murderers, who have infested the Falsely Labeled Federal Government of America, which is now a working Despotism, or Nation State, in other words, will you return this Nation State, this Despotism, back into a working Republic, by showing the American People exactly how evil the current...