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The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order

Obama signed this executive order and numerous sources around the internet say so. basically this gives the president nearly unlimited power during wartime and now even during peacetime, now i am wondering what do you think Obama or the people that pull his strings master plan is with this source of power for the president?

We also know about the patriot act, NDAA and HR 347 aka anti protest bill.

to find sources simply copy the title and put it in a search engine and many results will come up.

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Excellent Post

I think someone with gonads needs to write a complete article outlining all of the pieces to this puzzle. Most people can't figure this stuff out. I think many if not most Ron Paul supporters understand exactly what is happening - it is the people who religiously follow msm who don't.

Time is limited though - CISPA is on the front porch.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul