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Urgent! Vote In This Poll! RP is only 4th!

Hats up to you if you regularly (maybe once a week or at least once a month) go out and do something real that helps to inform the people about Ron Paul. Thank you and sorry that I misled you to read this..the following is not written for you.. its written for someone else..

Internet warrior!I got you!

Most of the country doesnt know who Ron Paul is and what he stands for.
Most dont know that he still runs for the nomination of the GOP.

The media does block Ron Paul from a constant nationwide exposure.
And when he is mentioned they spin his message and tell lies.
The campaign has not enough money to run ads in all states all over the country.
Ron Paul does his best to educate as many people as possible in his Town hall meeting but he cant be everywhere.

We are at a point in time where every supporter counts.

Every individual Ron Paul supporter can make a difference when we all together start to inform the people out there on a regular effort.
20 minutes a day or one hour a week effort from every supporter out there will be enough to inform the whole nation about the good Dr. Paul.

I heard there is a new poll at fox news homepage!
There is a even greater poll at americans elect!
You can engage there and tell your kids what you did when Ron Paul lost the 2012 nomination.
Maybe you will say:"I did my best!!!FOX and CNN rigged the internet polls and the damn campaign didnt do anything against it"..:(

..or you start to do something real that changes the country and the future of you and your kids..

Im totaly frustrated cause its all yada yada while we are taking over the GOP. We have our feet wide in the door to the nomination but our efforts are not enough. We need the last push where everyone is at least informed about Ron Paul.

America is fertile ground for Ron Pauls message and all we need to do is to plant the seed!!!

The key to restore america and secure a great future is in your hand.
We have everything that is needed to fulfill the american dream!

Now or maybe never!



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bump for all the internet warriors


thank you

ronpaulpeace. I have seen your comments in the other threads and I share your frustration =]

Btw, someone below found a typo: futile -> fertile.

I hate

to be the "spelling and/or grammar police"...but...I hope you meant that America is fertile ground for Ron Paul's message, not futile ground...


O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

freudian slip

..certainly is futile in some parts.
but well, you dont need to win much more then 50%
I corrected it.



to wake up some internet poll warriors


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