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Pennsylvania Primary is looming

What more can I do to help the R3volution? I live in Westmoreland County. I very much want to help the process but am unsure what more to do that will have tangible benefit to win delegates.

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Our delegates are unbound

The popular vote means nothing...we have to get our delegates elected...please contact a district coordinator and work the polls handing out generic-looking delegate slate cards on 4/24.

I live in Westmoreland County too...

and you're almost certainly in the 18th district. I'd also recommend voting for Evan Feinberg for Congress. I've talked to him and he is a solid Ron Paul republican looking to help Justin Amash out in the House.

"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom." - Hayek

Met him

seemed like a nice kid. signed his form.

Here's What To Do

Step 1. Find out your congressional district: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members

Step 2. Contact the congressional district coordinator:
Congressional District 1: Dale Kerns – kerns.dr40@gmail.com
Congressional District 2: Bill Faust – williamfaust234@comcast.net
Congressional District 3: Brandon Magoon – brandon.magoon@gmail.com
Congressional District 4: David Garry – dgarry7@hotmail.com
Congressional District 5: Mark Brady – mavmrb3@gmail.com
Congressional District 6: Gary Lloyd – garyelloyd@gmail.com
Congressional District 7: Pat Sellers – psellers624@gmail.com
Congressional District 8: Rob Pepe – rob@pfpusa.com
Congressional District 9: Audra Cruder – audrarp2012@gmail.com
Congressional District 10: Billy Allred – billy.allred@spx.com
Congressional District 11: Scott Davis – scott@parevolution.com
Congressional District 12: Lawrence Borland – blckrose@pitt.edu
Congressional District 13: Ken Fichtner – kafst26@gmail.com
Congressional District 13: Steven Gilber – sgilber@aol.com
Congressional District 14: Andy Maul – andymaul@yahoo.com
Congressional District 15: Rich Piotrowski – rich@richpiotrowski.org
Congressional District 15: Giovanni Landi – tfbgino@yahoo.com
Congressional District 16: Ben Sheaffer – bugsmashers@hotmail.com
Congressional District 17: Eric Villano – ericvillano@aol.com
Congressional District 18: Elizabeth Heaton – curly_brown2001@yahoo.com

Step 3: Commit to working your polling place on election day, April 24. "Working your polling place" means standing out front of the polling place where you normally vote and handing out "palm cards" with your congressional district's Ron Paul delegate candidates on it. In Penna, the delegates that go to the convention in Tampa are directly elected that day by the voters...unlike many other States, there are no caucuses, meetings, or conventions whatsoever. Your job is to get as many people as possible from your voting division/precinct to come out to vote, and when they come out to vote, to get them to vote for the specific Ron Paul delegate slate. The CD coordinator should provide you with the palm card handouts---if not, you'll have to make them up on your own.

Do an exit poll

www.healthfreedom2012.com to get the form.

For the brave set up a video camera or device and capture the total voters going out, especially total RP voters.

Bad Idea, IMHO

If you're busy "exit polling", who's going to be handing out the palm cards with the Ron Paul delegate slate to the people going in?

Don't say someone else...the problem is too few boots on the ground.

Don't take this personally, but this whole idea of exit polling ostensibly to prove vote fraud is crap. It's a waste of time that could be spent influencing voters as they arrive, or time that could be spent walking your street handing out flyers and talking up voting. But let's say by some miracle you could gather data that points to vote fraud....the data is useless because it (a) proves nothing and (b) they are not going to do a "re-do" on the election.

I appreciate your opinion

however, votes are being stolen and switched to the opposition. It wouldn't take that much effort to get a few full-fledge exits with video back-up.

We are doing it in the caucuses. Yes, first priority is the work you mention. However, in large precincts there is no guarding of the votes, so they are being switched: not just stolen from Dr. Paul but also awarded to the opponents.

Video is now being used as a means of intimidation. It's working. Vote riggers would surely be very unhappy when RP people take the time to count their voters. Keep in mind, too,. that for every five votes that are influenced, and this must be done continuously, as you are doing, four can be given to the enemy. This must be stopped.

Out of state people have offered to do it. I'm sure where there is a will there is a way.

Hand out comparison sheets to

Hand out comparison sheets to help you sway voters. There are different versions geared a bit more toward specific interests voters may have. Example: conservative history, voters 50+, looking for the most conservative candidate, budget & taxes, the most committed to their faith, etc. Choose which one is best for you or a bunch of each to maximize swaying the most voters.

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3


ORDER them here and proceeds go to the campaign


CONSERVATIVE HISTORY VERSION: http://www.zazzle.com/ron_paul_rick_santorum_mitt_romney_new...

NON PAUL VOTERS OVER 50: http://www.zazzle.com/ron_paul_mitt_romney_newt_gingrich_ric...

TAXES & BUDGET: http://www.zazzle.com/ron_paul_rick_santorum_mitt_romney_new...

TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE: http://www.zazzle.com/ron_paul_rick_santorum_newt_gingrich_m...

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What Congressional District do you live in?

I can give you the name and contact information for your district coordinator.

Right now - find other volunteers, find supporters, we will need them on primary day to man the polls.

district 18


District 6

Please tell me the delegates i need to vote for!

@Ron Paul SWAGGG

Find out your delegate names by contacting your CD coordinator.

From a tactical perspective, some CDs have decided to publicize their slate and some have decided to go Stealth mode for now. There are good arguments for each, so we trust that those closest to their situations will choose what's best for them.

Thank you!


Get Voters

Get them now, suck it up, who cares if you look silly, just hit all of your neighbors and plead with them to show up and vote for Paul

There Is A Ton For You To Do

You just have to determine which ones you have the time and ability to pursue.

Regardless of what you want to do - first - contact the campaign - go to ronpaul2012.com and find PA. Get in touch with other like minded people in your area. Go to meetup.com and search for Ron Paul groups in your area.

If you still do not have enough options, look at dailypaul for all of the ideas on here.

Until you come up with other options, get some flyers and talk to everyone you see concerning the urgency of supporting freedom. You can start this now.

There is a lot more to available. Ron Paul knows no limits to anyone who wants to pursue the freedom message. Write down your options. Select the ones that you want to pursue. And get going ASAP.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

working on that

Ordered super brochure months ago and have been converting patients for months. Even got a couple of dems and independents to change party affiliation for the primary. I've not been sitting on my hands. I am looking for a specific way to help with the straw poll in PA and to help increase the delegate count.

gifford, in all the electronically counted precincts

they are rigging the vote. There is no one home at the Board of Elections.

Let's get a few all-day monitors this time, the bravest of the brave!!