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We need to step it up against Romney!

DP members and all Ron Paul supporters should be going after Romney more aggressively online and when talking to people, since the campaign won't do it, we need to start the trend and maybe they will pick up on it. Let me see some RAGE out there! It's time to increase the political attacks on Mitt Romney. Santorum and Gingrich are finished. We should take on Romney like he's the only remaining opponent to Ron Paul.

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Agreed. Even if it doesn't make a dent

I want it documented on my facebook page, all the crap that Romney stands for.

And when my Neocon friends pull the lever for him, I'm gonna rub it in their faces, when they are "surprised" at how liberal he is, later on.

So where are the lists of Romney positions, flubs, flops, flips, etc...

maybe people should post their favorite anti-romney material

in this thread.