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The GOP is trying to determine the "Ron Paul Factor" - I was "randomly" chosen for a "Special Congressional District Census"

I live in Texas and a few days ago, I received a three page letter, combined with a four page "congressional census form."

Although it did not say it outright, it was fairly obvious that it was targeted at Ron Paul supporters because, both the letter and the census form hit on every Ron Paul issue.

It also hit on past voting history, who I planned to eventually vote for, and which way I typically leaned on a whole list of issues.

(Is this RP supporter an independent, democrat, or a republican. Who did this RP supporter vote for in past elections.)

There was also significant stress on needing everyone necessary to defeat Obama and that the GOP would need a significant grass roots effort to make that happen.

I am assuming that they pulled my information from the campaign contribution data, listed on the FEC's website.

I suppose the bottom line is this. If the GOP is putting forth the effort to sort through FEC data and cross reference it with some sort of LexusNexus database of addresses, to conduct a direct mail census/survey, they know that Ron Paul is going to be a factor.

In the limelight, they are writing him off and acting like he is not going to matter.

Behind closed doors, however, they are investing the time and resources to figure out, just how far up $H1T creek they are without a paddle.

I also have the entire letter and census form in PDF format, if anyone from the site were interested in adding it to this post. (I have no way of hosting it myself and posting a link.)

Although this isn't huge, take pride in the fact that the Ron Paul/liberty movement is making a difference.

In my opinion, it solidifies the GOP's acceptance of the fact that Ron Paul does bring more independents and democrats to the GOP, than the rest of the GOP field.

It proves that the GOP isn't concerned with winning, they are concerned with maintaining the status quo. Ron Paul has been elected as a Republican more than all the other GOP candidates combined. When you think about it, the GOP is actually conducting intelligence research against one of their own candidates.


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Dude, chill.

It's just a fundraiser letter and you weren't targeted because you are an RP supporter. I get like 5 of these a week from the NRCC, RNC, Senatorial Committee, etc.

They dont give a **** about your responses, they just want the check you send in. See the last page.

Same Thing in FL

I received at least two questionnaires similar to those you described. Trashed 'em. This was after the primary.

I've also told the GOP fund-raiser caller "sorry, but I'm putting my money toward my candidate of choice right now." I don't think I'll ever give the GOP another dime at the national or state level. Remember, Rubio is in FL. I just remind the caller "he voted for NDAA," and then I thank them before hanging up.

Why not consider letting the

Why not consider letting the GOP know what it is that causes you to vote RP, instead of one of their stooges?

It may seem obvious to us, but many long time GOP'ers don't really know much more about Ron than that he is a "racist kook" who "blames America for 9/11." At least some of these people, and there are lots of them amongst the average "vote the partyline" GOPer, would probably be more sympathetic if they knew one tenth as much about RP's appeal as those of here take for granted.

I got the same kind in

I got the same kind in California (purely due to my donation records, as I wasn't even registered with GOP at the time). No way in hell am I returning it, for I have hopes of becoming a delegate (I've registered with GOP by now of course), I don't want GOP establishment scum doing all sorts of data mining on me.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Same here- junk mail

I got the same thing. Of course I didn't fill it out. But, I did write in big letters on the SASE- RON PAUL 2012.

Wasn't it surprising to read all of the FILL THIS OUT, REGISTERED, CERTIFIED, WE COMMAND YOU TO COMPLETE THIS talk on the front of the main envelope?

You've gotta' admire how optimistic those idiots are- they were looking for donations!


it's the GOP-don't trust their motivation.

I have received three of these surveys ...

in the past year.

The first one I read and threw away. The other two went straight to the circular file cabinet.

Here is an example of the multiple choice questions ...

As a Republican which do you prefer? (You must choose one)

a. the status quo.
b. the status quo.
c. the status quo.
d. All of the above.

I got a questionaire in NY

just a few days ago. As I was opening it this very thought crossed my mind. I scanned the questions looking for any anti-RP type of questions, a few could be slanted that way if you were looking for that sort of thing, but overall I think its just a fishing expedition for the party platform. I set it aside and haven't decided if I will be obscure with my answers or whether I'll staple a super brochure to it. I could go either way.

I got

a survey that sounds like this but I did not think the questions were some hidden way to find Ron Paul supporters. Wish I would have made a copy though.....

Do not give your real name and e-mail in the survey...

Do not give your real name and e-mail in the survey to the GOP establishment if you want to be a delegate.

Paul ante portas.

Redrawing District Lines

...can they used this info to redraw lines impacting delegates? Apparently the GOP sent something similar in 2010. There are a lot of internet articles on it. Some called it dirty GOP tricks. I'm clueless on this but wondering.



Who knows.

The groups that usually determine the platform is the credentials committee, platform committee or whatever group takes the lead at the local level. Each county can usually take 3 platforms to state. From the sound of it there is probably a Ron Paul person asking those policy questions.

This is common.

Sometimes they do the census to determine which platform initiatives they will take to the state convention. A lot of them sound like Ron Paul because he has moved the party's platform. Make sure to list which ones are the most important to you. Sometimes they add sound money policies to the platform like in Washington state last election.

I got the same letter....

I used it to line my baby chick brooder.

It is clear

they make list of those whom they will disallow to be delegates.

I am in Austin

and received the same package as the poster did. I felt the same way, that they were trying to find out who I was supporting.


I got one in PA

Yeah for every question I made my point clear that RON PAUL is the answer if it said no/no opinion! I also attached a letter written explaining how loyal Ron Paul supporters are and how the GOP will lose votes from all the supporters if Paul isnt the nominee. I also brought up polls and military support to prove that Paul has a huge base! Lastly I told them not expect any money/support/my vote if Paul isnt chosen!

Then I got a follow-up call in which I explained why the GOP is blacking out Paul and cheating him out of wins.... SURPRISE SURPRISE they denied it. I didnt expect they would admit it but the guy tried ending the call after my reasoning in which i gave it right back to him letting him know that by not choosing Paul they better enjoy losing to Obama and being the laughing stock for the next 4 years!

I got

one here in PA, as well. I am probably not going to fill it out/return it, though. I don't like how the questions/answers are framed...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

thats why I marked it up with

thats why I marked it up with Ron Paul...
i even put:
Ron/Paul/2012 =as the date
pickronpaul@tampa.convention =as my email

hope they enjoy hahahaa

I got one too....wrote "RonPaul2012" all over the envelope..

wonder if they'll even open the dang thing up!

i received the same

i received the same thing......for some reason I felt like they were trying to identify me as a President Paul supporter so they could make sure I was not a delegate. After all..... they are picking the delegates from a list that they develop. I hope this is not the case but strange things are happening as of late.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.

My friend got one too

My friend in Oregon got something similar recently, she's probably 55.

I received the same package here in WI

and to answer another person's post, no I am not over 55.


Are you retired or the spouse of a retiree?

Heck no, I will be 40 in Feb.

Normally work at least 10 hour days for a credit union doing loans.

The Ron Paul Factor...A Question

Obviously there would be a lot of data mining to determine just who we are and the depth of the threat.

I am sure my question has been brought up in the past; however, as I've been wondering for some time, I'll just ask it at the risk of appearing naive ( :) wouldn't be the first time.)

The often recurring "Who Are You Guys" threads puzzle me. Of course we have nothing to hide and are proud Ron Paul supporters. It is fun to read the threads to see just how diverse we are plus they often put posters into an age, gender, background, education perspective. We'd all supply the campaign with this kind of information if they asked and were doing their own projections.

My question is: Aren't these threads supplying information to other interests who are undoubtedly doing their own data mining? Is this a good thing? Why exactly do we do it?


In this instance, I do not think so.

In my opinion, I do not see any sort of useful information that is not already out there.

I would also say that this is not a "who are you guys" thread, it is a "they are trying to figure out who we are thread." I just do not see any sort of useful information coming from this post.

I see it more of as a small motivator for those on the long path towards liberty.


You also have to look at the resources involved with data mining. With respect to websites containing property tax information, public records, or FEC election data for example, it makes economic sense to write the software to mine everything essential from it.

Mining individual posts like this, really isn't effective. The software just isn't intelligent enough to pull useful information.

If anyone on the other side of the Ron Paul campaign has anything to do with the Daily Paul or similar websites, it would be more along the lines of a few people personally browsing the site every once in a while.

I just do not see what useful information could be pulled from a post like this.


In This Instance

...ie your post, I agree 100% and thank you for sharing that you received this. It is a heads up and interesting.

It just made me think about all of the *Who Are You Guys* threads. I in no way meant to disrupt your thread with an unrelated topic and am glad you posted your experience.