Bill Maher Endorses Ron Paul on CNN

Thanks to Jack in Seaside Heights, NJ for sending this along:

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Not an Endorsement

The post bills this as an endorsement of Ron Paul. Bill Maher isn't actually endorsing Paul, he's only saying that Paul is the best Republican. Granted, that's AWESOME, as Maher is very popular, even among on the fence 20-30 year olds, some of whom still consider themselves Republicans despite what their party's done to them. Having Maher say this is good, and, by the way, incredibly logical, as I wonder the same thing about how the GOP will turn on the war once they enter the general election.

But despite all that, this is NOT an endorsement of Ron Paul, because Maher was only asked about Republicans. If Blitzer had asked "who do you endorse for President", I wonder if Maher would say Dennis Kucinich or Barack Obama or something stupid like that.

Obviously a load of

Obviously a load of negativity trailed Wolf's comment and how he went about saying it. But hey, he is/was an AIPAC goon, so this isn't the least bit surprising.

CNN the other side of the FOX coin

No real suprise. CNN is the other side of the FOX coin, they want to tell us who the candidates will be. They have this big efort to allways try to tell you who the front runners are, and who are they, whoever they designate. They all suck eggs.

Bill Maher...eck

This is the guy who equated nursing a baby at a restaurant with public masterbastion. Oh, well, we need the moron vote, too. Countless elections have proven you can't win without it.

I suspect there are a number of high-profile TV personalities who would endorse Ron Paul, but are laying low due to their current popularity in the MSM. I hope some are just waiting for the right time, not just protecting their long-term employability. Unfortunately, that means most of the endorsements we'll hear are from people who are already known for being controversial and that just adds to the "kook fringe" ammunition.

Defend Liberty!

Guaranteed that Wolf Blitzer

Guaranteed that Wolf Blitzer HATES RON PAUL. The earlier interview with RP and the CNN Debates we positive proof that Blitzer is CNN's anti-RP voice of big brother himself. Blizter was a major lobbyist for AIPAC. When Maher answers, "Ron Paul" boldly and without reserve. Blitzer responds, "I knew (....correction) suspected you were going to say that. I told our producers that you were going to say that." I don't watch Blizter so I don't know his speech patterns as an interviewer but I found it interesting that Blitzer continued to talk over Maher as he finished the final part of his sentence, "...that you were going to say that". Why was he so insistent about making this point during the interview. Why is this his only comment about a Ron Paul choice among the Republicans? It could be anything but I suspect that it was a tactic to blather to "kill airtime" so that Maher couldn't say much about the Dr. Paul. After watching the video several times I think I understand why Maher said what he did. He repeated a statement he made on his show during an interview with Chuck Hegel which made the bullet proof case that ONLY RON PAUL CAN WIN against the Democratic candidate! Maher makes the point that if Republicans want ANY CHANCE at the white house they have to nominate Ron Paul.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

I warned my producers

its like Ron Paul is a bad word or something. Wtf?



Blitzer tips his hand

When Blitzer responds, "I knew you were going to say that... I told our producers." this is TV-speak for "We are not supposed to mention Ron Paul, but this guy Maher may bring him up."

But they went ahead with the question anyway, which is good. But Blitzer's comment rang an alarm for me. Remember this is the same CNN-lackey who, during the CNN debate in Concord, NH, consistently went to Romney, McCain and Giuliani. Ron Paul was all but ignored.

CNN - Censorship by Omission.