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Question RE: the FED

What would happen if the treasury took the FED over, wrote-off all the debt owed to the FED from the US govt, and collected the $6 trillion in money that the FED created to bailout Europe?

I'm a novice when it comes to macroeconomics

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Trading the Gambinos for the Bonannos doesn't seem like

much of an improvement to me.

Interesting Question

I think that the answer is similar to any other answer to a question that intends to apply the cause of the problem in an effort to fix the problem.

Who would sign the order to write off which debt?

Who would hold who to account for which payments from who to who?

If the problem is such that a pack of organized crime bosses have taken the one license to create legal wealth, exactly as if they have an unlimited personal back account, a legal ability to add as much money as they want, whenever they want, to their own personal bank accounts, and then spend that money legally, without anyone ever having any legal recourse to stop them, then that problem, so defined, by those people who are actually doing that right now, is not their problem, and they are not going to fix something that they don't see as a problem.

They are in control of The Treasury. They are in control of The FED. They control The FED, and The Treasury, one and the same legal license, one and the same non-problem to them. They would not take each other over, they are already taken over, it is called Monopoly.

They have no need to collect the $6 Trillion in Legal Units of Legal Money, the Only Legal Money, since they transferred that money to where it was transferred for a reason, they purchased something with that purchase, so why would they have any interest in reversing that purchase in any way?

The question may be asking if there were a regime change in which they were challenged by some other group, and instead of there being one group acting as one, One group in control of The FED, and that same Single group in control of The Treasury, what if, what if, there was One group in control of The FED, and a challenger, or competitive, second group in control of The Treasury, and if that is the question then the question becomes:

Who would win a Legal Power Struggle if One group known as the FED were to fight another group known as The Treasury as both groups fought over the control of the One Legal License to Create Legal Money as if, exactly as if, the winner of the fight gained control over One Unlimited Bank Account that can be filled with as much Legal Money as can be, in every sense of the word: unlimited?

Who would win, in a fight over the Legal Power to Create Fraudulent Money, if the people running The FED were opposing, instead of being in concert with, the people running The Treasury?

Would the winner then give up that Power to commit legal Fraud or would they then abuse it too?

On Money

That might help, The Zombie Banks and the Vampire Governments?

What if legal money competition was no longer against the law?

Instead of expecting people running The FED (Zombie Banks) to win a fight against The Treasury (Vampire Governments) why not just opt out of the whole "Legal Fraud Money" business and start demanding anything of value you have for something of equitable value?


interesting answer

and yes, it was a good question.

For some time now I've considered that looking at all debts for evidence of fraud is necessary if we are to be able to extricate in the least painful manner and to avoid the chaos and violence which will come with default/collapse.

That means looking at so-called "odious debt" and acting to invalidate on that basis.

Of course, none of this is possible without a complete understanding of what debt is owed, to whom it is owed and how the debt came to exist.

That requires an audit.

Good discussion

A representative of Honesty and Liberty asks a fraud if he would care to confess?


If you take the time to study facts about Legal Money there will be stages of understanding by which initial confusion and ignorance is overcome and the mire of lies are rendered powerless.

Case in Point:

The Federal Reserve System of Extortion is mandated by Congress to accomplish 2 things:

Take all the wealth produced by all those honest productive people who are responsible, and accurately accountable, for producing wealth in all the various forms that constitute wealth.

Spend that wealth taken by that method of Legal Fraud and Extortion on preserving the Legal Extortion Racket against all competition, foreign and domestic (to their own group, not foreign in the sense of foreign to this Country called America).

That is the truth, not merely my spin on English language.

Here is the Official Lies according to the Liars who care not to openly confess their crimes:

The Federal Reserve is Mandated by Congress to accomplish 2 tasks:

To acheive maximum employment

Price Stability

Sustain financial stability in the US

Do what is best for households and businesses here

That is the Official Lie according to the official, well paid, liar.

Doubling the entire amount of Legal Dollars in 2008 has to be understood by the victims of that Legalized Fraud, in order for the victims to hold those criminals who did that to account.

Before the Legal Criminals doubled the money supply in 2008 there were only so many Legal Dollars existing by the official account, and that does not include any unlicensed counterfeiters who may have added to the total number of Legal Dollars.

That has to be understood.

Take all the Legal Dollars in existence, add up every dollar in every account everywhere on Earth.

Now know that someone, or some group, wrote themselves a check for that same amount.

When those Legal Criminals try to cover up their crimes, as the example is recorded in that video link above, they refer to their crime as "intervention".

They say that they are "intervening" to help other people, as if to say, by way of that lie, that they are a charitable organization doing what is best of other people.

That is the official lie.

Why does anyone, ever, lend any validity to such nonsense?


To me it is way past time to round all those criminals up and subject them to the due process of law that everyone else is subject to when overwhelming evidence indicates that a crime has been committed, and the evidence uncovers, through the process of discovery, that specific people are suspected as having perpetrated those crimes.

Who else has this power to write themselves a check for the total amount of wealth owned by everyone else?


Don't you get it, yet?

What would you do if you had that power?

Use your own brain.

You wake up tomorrow morning and you suddenly have the power to write yourself any amount of money you can imagine, so you pick a number, and the number you pick, to write on your check, is the total amount of money that everyone else has combined.

You think I'm joking?

OK, so get past the difficulty in accurately accounting the enormity of the crime in progress, just imagine a different number, 13 zeros, 12 zeros, whatever you can pull out of a hat, whatever works for you, since you are now going to decide what to buy.

Does it occur to you to buy something that may help you keep that power to steal in that way?

If so, what will you buy, a "witness", someone paid to lie when questioned about the crime in progress?

Hi, yea, I have this legal power to double the money supply at will, but I only do that when I see the need to be charitable.

Who is the idiot? Me?

I have a really hard time sitting through these charades but I'm going to return to that Official Record recorded in the link above.