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ron paul questions

I am going to the ron paul town hall in md.If I have the opportunity too talk with Dr.paul I am leaving a post here for everyone to ask some questions for Dr.paul

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I realize

that Dr. Paul wanted to run a civil debate that concentrated on the issues. I don't think there are any more GOP debates left. However, if he is the GOP nominee, can you ask him if he has any plans on being more aggressive towards Obama on the televised debates? For once, I'd like to see him come out on the attack, constantly, and not let up. It would surely grab the headlines and make Obama look lost. Obama would not be expecting that and it would catch him WAY off guard. I think due to his passive/niceness approach on previous debates, it cost him some voters he would have surely nabbed up if he had mopped the floor with them and humiliated them. Or will he continue just sticking to the issues?

Thanks for offering.