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Obama is to Abdulrahman as Zimmerman is to Trayvon


If Obama had a son he might actually look a whole lot more like this deceased 16 year old boy that he is responsible for murdering...

Oh, the selective outcries of injustice, my word.


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This morning...

... i posted this on Huffington Post:

Zimmerman will get his day in court. Rest assured.

However, recall that Abdulrahman al-Alwaki, the 16-year old son of Anwar Alwaki, a US citizen, was assassinated by Presidential decree. He deserved to live as much as Trayvon Martin, but our President assumed the role of prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner and a 16-year old's life was snuffed out. Samir Khan, of North Carolina, had the bad luck of standing next to Abdul that day in Yemen when the missile incinerated both of them, and others in the vicinity whose names we'll never know.

As we mourn the death of Trayvon and seek justice for him, let's not forget those who have been assassinated by Presidential decree on the flimsiest of CIA concocted evidence. Our President is the last one to talk about seeking justice for the untimely death of a young man. (I fully believe George Bush would have done the same if not worse, but that is besides the point.)

Plano TX

Amen to that.