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Why free market Republicans should support Ron Paul

Any Republicans who consider themselves free market capitalist should support Ron Paul because of his ability to passionately argue the case for free markets and capitalism. Sure, you can argue that Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are more capitalistic than Obama. However, they have been on both sides of many economic issues like the bailouts, the individual mandate, and no child left behind.

To put it simply:

Sanromneyrich rationalize their defense of free market capitalism during debate.

Ron Paul passionately informs and educates people on why the free market is the best solution to our problems.

For example, Paul owned the GM bailout in the debate. The others tried to rationalize their defense, while Paul lambasted the immorality of stealing money (endorsing someone who successfully robs a bank) and distorting the law.

Btw, did anyone catch Romney on Leno Tuesday night? He is rapidly moving to the left on the individual mandate, and was much more militaristic than he let off in the Republican debates.