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Daily Paul Silver Dime Card Drive by Freedom's Phoenix

Freedom's Phoenix

This Original Daily Paul Silver Dime Card Edition was limited to 5700. Freedom's Phoenix has sold out and retired this design. Any orders above 5700 will be applied to a new design being released in 2 weeks.

Ernest Hancock of Freedom's Phoenix created these special collectors edition Daily Paul Silver Dime Cards. Freedom's Phoenix was offering these amazing cards for $5.00 each as a fundraiser to support the Daily Paul. The first 800 Daily Paul Silver Dime Cards purchased will be shipped within 36 hours. Any orders between 801 and 5700 will take 2 weeks for delivery.

This Original Daily Paul Dime Card Special Edition is SOLD OUT.

Daily Paul Dime Cards

This Original Daily Paul Dime Card Special Edition is SOLD OUT.

Click Here to Pre-Order the not yet released New Design of the Daily Paul Silver Dime Cards

Freedom's Phoenix

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For Custom Dime Cards & Liberty Themed Apparel

Paul Dime Cards

Silver Dime Card Vending Machine 'The Moneylith"

Silver Dime Card Vending Machine

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What are these cards ?

a home made card with a dime plastered onto it ?

Or something nicer...

Just wondering cause I don´t know...even though I looked at the site...


These cards have professionally printed inserts, and the inserts and dimes are laminated together to create a durable wallet friendly package.

Shire Silver - a better bullion that fits in your wallet.

Not that anyone hasn't

Not that anyone hasn't thought of this by now, but I think raising money for Dr. Paul by selling silver and gold would really get those discouraged Paul fans to shell out some more. I realize that for many of us, we just can't afford to give more than we already do. However, this little fund raising drive has shown great success. It started off with 800 being the goal and now 5700 was a cut off. Precious metals seem to have a niche right now and I hope other's will (for lack of a better term) exploit it.

Great fundraiser

Bought 2 and even got to see my name on the ticker!

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wow if we could just get

wow if we could just get people to donate to the campaign like this instead of here we might actually raise some money


This is a stupid fund raiser!! The money need to go to the RP campaign. There are ads on this site to cover expenses. We donated 20k USD about a month ago for DP. What a waste this is!

Start focusing on the upcoming states. 3 states are voting on tuesday!

Im just a little upset that

Im just a little upset that the last money bomb didnt get promoted here till the day before it started then this gets thrown up and pushed like crazy. Just kinda wondering whats up with that?

ytc's picture

I consider the success of this "use the pre-'64 dime with REAL

metallic VALUE for its value's sake" to be an unmistakable sign that Ron Paul IS winning. This educational and practical movement will only serve to spread Ron Paul's message to wider general population and increase his chance to WIN politically as well.

So, be glad! No need to begrudge the success!,

What a stupid comment

We need to keep mediums like this going and I think people here have donated plenty to the campaign. I know I have and this is worth a few bucks. So relax and buy some silver.

ron paul does a better job

ron paul does a better job making my world better than a silver dime does, sorry i got plenty of silver, dont got enough ron paul yet

Even though my

initial reaction was to downvote your comment, and I did, but in my opinion, The Campaign, could be more flexible, less monolithic in it's function so far.

Just a little more diverse creativity needed, accepted, allowed?

If we are to create change, we must be willing to change in the process of creation ...

Ron Paul 2012!

bought 5

of these dimes and a 1 once Silver Circle recently. End the Fed!!!

This inspired me to find a local coin dealer. Will be converting 1/4 of every pay check to silver coins.

Whats the worst that could happen, my fiat dollar continues to inflate, silver gets more value. I'll be getting more wealthy every pay check as far as I am concerned.

The WORST that could happen

is Pres. Barack DELANO* Obama takes your dime for $5, THEN inflates the currency and sells it for $8.75, just like FDR did to people owning Gold when his tyrannical, socialist government screwed them over!

* He doesn't like us to use the middle name, so lets use the closest substitute

Buy 1 ounce of physical silver every month.

100,000 people buying 1 ounce of silver per month by election day is 600,000 ounces of physical silver. This would increase the price of physical silver and gold and would increase the size of Ron Paul's wealth and holdings, PLUS, you then stack silver.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

I bought some

Just because its Awesome!

This is a really great idea

This is a really great idea and reminds me of Daily Paul threads from a year ago.

Gives a chance to donate to Daily Paul, and plus, with the inflation that I'm seeing signs of, may end up costing you nothing to donate.

Plus, they make good tip cards that offer a heads up to others too.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


This is a solid method to raise funds and I was happy to kick Daily Paul and the Freedom's Pheonix some cash for fundraising, both organizations I support. I sold off my junk silver for pure years back, but I made an exception in this case. What's really sad here, though, is that we're almost investing in the failure of our cause. To me, though, no matter the outcome...up or down...it's a win-win for us.


What is your production rate, and can you scale it for LARGE volumes? Thank you.

Production rate

Large volumes shouldn't be a problem. I make my Shire Silver cards (where they got the idea for the dime cards) myself and can do about a hundred per hour. I imagine their production rate would be similar, and they have multiple people helping.

Shire Silver - a better bullion that fits in your wallet.


There a silver dime in the card? If so, I will buy a few.

Thanks for the Link

I didn't connect the radio program post with this silver dime card drive post. Thank you for giving the link herein. I just bought 5! I think the radio link would be an asset to the original post.


i am trying to use my credit card but i cant because it is associated w/ a paypal account that i no longer use and have had issues w/ paypal about.... isnt there anyway to pay using a credit card w/ out going through paypal?


I had a similar problem

I didn't see any choice other than going through Paypal by either logging into my old account or paying as a "guest". If you pay as a guest, you will need to use a different email address from the one linked to your account, and probably a different credit card as well.

I don't use Pay Pal and so I...

just clicked on the other mode of payment offered that allowed me to use my credit card. Go back and try it again and read it again and you will be able to buy yours w/out having to go thru Pay Pal, too.

What % of total revenue goes to what?

I couldn't find this information - forgive me if it's somewhere obvious. Is this all for Daily Paul? Ron Paul? A certain percentage to one, or the other, or a PAC? Let me know, thanks!

Best buy. I look at it has an

Best buy. I look at it has an investment :D

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I'm interested but want to know

Is the dime Silver and is it included with the card?


and yes.