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Ron Paul Interview on The Skip Mahaffey Show

Here's an interesting little interview I heard on the radio today. The host and guest appear quite surprised when the producer managed to get Ron Paul to come on the show... the show host was very receptive to the Good Doctor, while his intended guest was not lol

From the Skip Mahaffey Show on 1340 WTAN


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Awesome, thanks so much for posting this!

alt link: The Skip Mahaffey Show Podcast


One of his co-presenters comes on after the interview is over and says if Paul gets the nomination, there will certainly be four more years of Obama. They all agree. They must not have seen the polls which show Paul matching or beating Obama.

Edit: on youtube:

great interview

dr. paul did a nice job. love the part about everyone else being embarrased that there is actually a TRUE conservative in the race. also the lady saying that dr. paul wanted to do away with the army, just goes to show how much propaganda is out there. i think she really believed that about him.