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Strategy: How to become an ELECTED state DELEGATE!

Recently on the DP I've heard everything from proclaiming your all-out support of Dr. Paul to pretending to be a Santorum supporter when it comes to being elected as a state delegate. Well, in two weeks I'll have my chance in WA and here's my strategy.

I figure people are going to vote for ME, so why not tell them a little about ME? I'll start with a little anti-Democrat joke or two to warm them up. Then I will tell them my story(paraphrasing):

"On August 28, 2005, two days after my 30th birthday, I packed whatever belongings I had in my car and departed my home in New Orleans, hours before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. I took heed to the MANDATORY evacuation declared by NOLA Mayor Nagin. I also KNEW BETTER THAN TO ENTRUST MY LIFE TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THEIR BUREAUCRATIC AGENCIES(like FEMA.) After two weeks, when those who trusted their government were dying on their rooftops, I arrived in Salt Lake City, where I had family I could rely on for food and shelter. There I met my future wife. Soon after we relocated to Seattle (no offense SLC). When we arrived we had exhausted our savings, and all our worldly possessions (including our dog) fit in my car. Being raised, and FIRMLY believing in the PRINCIPLE of self-reliance we did not accept nor EXPECT assistance from our 'loving government.' We trusted ourselves and did what was necessary. We accepted the first jobs offered to us- not what we 'specialized in' at university, or something glamorous; we became food servers at restaurants. For two months we lived in a tent at a campground. We ate what we could cook over a campfire. We took brief, cold showers. An air mattress was our bed. But we worked- and we saved our money. Eventually we came up with enough to rent a humble apartment (which here in Seattle is about a million dollars a month, hehe.) We continued to work- and save- then we worked some more. A year and a half after living in that two-person dome tent we had saved enough to open our business. No bank loans, no federal grants. Just hard work and discipline. This year our business will be celebrating it's 4 year anniversary. We've been self-reliant since day one. This is who I am; Self-reliance is my code. If your principles are like my principles then I humbly ask for your vote of support- to represent you as delegate to the state convention..."

So as you can tell, I won't be discussing Ron Paul, the candidates OR the 'issues.' Instead I will use a few chosen phrases that RP supporters would easily catch, and use my true story of perseverance to build a relationship of trust with the body of the local GOP. Though they don't support self-reliance in their policy stances they somehow BELIEVE they do. I'm hoping our 'common belief' will be enough for them to vote for me.

It's worth a shot- a shot better than lecturing them on the folly of their foreign policy views, or invoking Ron Paul's name.

I'll let you know how it turns out. I hope my congeniality and warm spirit will be the honey that traps the flies. I encourage any of you attempting to be state delegates to use this technique. I believe it will be very effective. Just pick a story you can tell that exemplifies the principles you live by and what even neocon's can relate to.


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That'll be great! Can you fit it into 30 sec.

I think that's all we have to speak. Talk with people, be very polite and educated on the agreeable subjects and that will get you votes too.

In '08 I think it was 1 minute....

I think I can fit it in that amount of time. If it's thirty seconds we can make a motion for each delegate to have up to one or two minutes.... If not I'll have to speak as fast as the moustached Micro Machines guy (retro reference...)!!!

An utter...

... inspiration!

Plano TX

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Great story, Adam.

I can relate to this, and I have one close to it! If I am fortunate enough to get to the 'speech' stage, it will be inspired by yours! Thanks!


...I appreciate the comments.