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Role Playing Challenge

A representative of Honesty and Liberty asks a fraud if he would care to confess?

I posted the above link in another thread and rather than pollute that thread with my idea concerning that Official Record linked above, I started a new thread.

The idea here is to construct a Reality Check on this charade that is "oversight" on The Federal Reserve System of Extortion.

What would happen, the idea here asks, if you, or I, were asking the questions in the effort to force, by law, The Federal Reserve witnesses to testify as to their actions as the lawful creators of legal money?

How would the hearings proceed if the people asking the questions and the people answering the questions actually told the truth?

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European House in Order

What they are saying when they say that "we hope" that Europeans will get their House in Order is to curb the number of people that give power to, buying their cooperation in parroting the lies, since there can only be so many parasites relative to the actual honest productive people.

They are saying that the European "Central Bankers" or in Gary North's terminology the Zombie Banks and the Vampire Governments in Europe have to find another way to keep the slaves working harder, other than the way that is too easy.

What do I mean?

Why are you confused, at all?

Have you been drinking the cool-aid? It may be me.

I mean: The Monopoly Money Business involves two basic groups, the insiders who profit from it, and the outsiders who cover all the costs of it.

In the insider group there are those who have the power to add zeros to their accounts, all nice and legal, and then they have to figure out ways to keep the scam going.

They buy supporters. Supporters are given "injections" of "liquidity", to keep them supporting the scam.

The bill is picked up by anyone using dollars as a means of accounting, or money, in the process of using actual wealth (labor, capital, ideas) in the process of making more wealth, or surplus wealth, or that amount of wealth that is greater than the wealth that is currently being consumed.

The insiders can afford to have their supplies of dollars dropping in value, all they have to do is add more zeros, or in the case of insiders who are paid supporters: all they have to do is ask for more "liquidity", they are then balancing the rate of inflation against the interest rate that they pay, relative to the interest rate they charge.

Interest is very interesting, made more interesting in an enforced Legal Money Monopoly Extortion Racket because of "inflation".

Inflation is how the honest productive people are paying the costs of running the Extortion Racket - all made nice and legal according to the Racketeers. Just ask one.

Ask one of the paid supporters of it.

It is all nice and Legal, yet it is still the exact same thing as any other case of Extortion.

Pay or we make you pay. There is no choice.

Inflation accomplishes that payment schedule.

When they need more zeros, as in 2008, the effectively transfer half of the accumulated wealth in all the dollar denominated bank accounts to them. That is where they get that Power to Purchase.

This can be understood clearly by the 2008 event.

Everyone else on the planet has a dollar denominated "ownership" of those Legal Dollars. That is a fact, and it is indisputable, actual accounts may be inaccurate or even ambiguous as to who owns how much, but it is fact that there is only so many Legal Dollars owned by so many people World Wide: before The Federal Reserve Criminals doubled that number in 2008.

All of those people before doubling the money supply in 2008 control an actual amount of Legal Purchasing Power, before doubling the money supply in 2008.

Call that total amount of purchasing power X, it is X amount of Purchasing Power Legally commanded by all those people with all those bank accounts denominated in Legal Dollars.

X is the total amount of Purchasing Power commanded by all those people - before doubling the money supply in 2008.

The people at The Federal Reserve then give themselves that same amount of Purchasing Power, X, which is as much Purchasing Power as everyone else combined - denominated in Legal Dollars.

Even before that doubling of the total number of Dollars was done those people had enough power to send 70 Dump truck Loads, 5 tons each, of 100 dollar bills, packed as bricks wrapped in cellophane, loaded onto pallets, shipped to Iraq, to have all that Legal Money disappear in Iraq.

What do they need with more power? What do they need when they thought they needed as much legal Dollar Purchasing power as everyone else on the plant combined in 2008?

They need to keep their racket going, and it is expensive.

They have to buy supporters.

They have to buy enough supporters to help keep it going.

They can't buy too many supporters who help keep it going because a point is reached when there are no longer enough honest productive people, victims, paying the bills.

Why send tons of 100 dollar bills to Iraq?

Why send "liquidity" to Europeans so that Europeans can loan to Households and Businesses in America?

The Europeans went too far, with their part of the bargain, they purchased too many supporters, and the bill payers, the honest productive people can't keep up with the expenses, so those too few honest productive people are revolting.

They are revolting.

Who is revolting?

Pick one of those who are revolting, and get the accurate answer, if the question is vital, only the accurate answer will do?

If they are fighting against "austerity measures", then they are more in the group of supporters, and less in the group of honest productive people.

If they are fighting against "austerity measures", then they are being paid to support the system of fraud, and their number is being reduced, or their cost is being reduced, those employees, hired to support the system of fraud, are getting a pay cut.

Too many people profiting from the system of fraud, and not enough people paying into it, what is the solution?

Liquidity, austerity measures, quantitative easing, lies, upon lies, here is your script, read from page 6, that is your part.

I'm just an honest working Joe, semi-retired, worn out, but I don't see that on page 6.

Oh, that is because you are one of the victims, you just work, and use dollars: turn to page 13.

Use dollars.

Got it.


Another angle on the subject of Risks

Those liars, who are calling themselves witnesses, and thanking themselves for doing this charity work, letting everyone else know all the things they have witnessed, you know, wink, wink, to confess the truth, bring everyone up to speed.

They risk getting fired, sure, if they let the cat out of the bag.

Back to the role playing theme:

Witness A (telling the truth)
Witness B (Translating the truth back into the cover story)

Suppose 2 hired witnesses really wanted to risk their jobs, and their bonuses, and their connectivity to the insider club, where they have access to those magic zeros that may suddenly appear in their personal bank accounts for doing nothing but producing lies, and zeros, in the magic, but Legal, bank account known as The Dollar Hegemony, or The Federal Reserve System of Extortion.

I'll call Witness A: Bill Smith

I'll call Witness B: Henry Jones

I'll pretend to be the Official Hired to Oversee this Crime in Progress.

Who wrote the check that doubled the money supply in 2008, and it is the same person who tripled the money supply recently?

I'm going to write his name down and hand it to you later. It won't do you any good, since he was hired to cover that office, and you can replace him, he will go back to Goldman Sacks, or some other office in the Club, someone else will fill that spot, to take the heat, if there is any heat. Are you producing heat, Joe, you know what happens to those who produce heat?

Strike that from the record, gag it, erase it, remove it, block it out, here is the answer for public consumption. The events of which you speak, this doubling of the money supply, is merely an aggregate total of many events involving the necessary expenditures required in protecting households and businesses in this company...



Country, you said company...

Yea, right, Country. I meant country.

I don't have any more questions for these suspects, my questions will be asked of the supposed authority responsible for adding more Legal Dollars into the official U.S. money supply. If he is found guilty of counterfeiting, he will be tried for that crime.


What exposure?

A question arises as to risk, after having already answered that there is no risk, only profits, a new answer covers up the same question, this time with a measly 50 billion dollar risk.

Honest people, however, ought to take note as to who pays any bills on any losses resulting from bad investments which played out to be too risky.

Someone may pipe up, asking about insurance.

What are derivatives?


If you ask the question, if the question is worth asking, then there is an answer, and if the answer is not exact, precise, and accurate, the worthy question will not be answered, and yet we can all play the game of pretended that it was answered.

These people don't risk anything, except the loss of their legal power to steal, and then they have to steal outside the protection of law, or work an honest job, or depend upon genuine charity.

These people, with their rule book, pay themselves bonuses for making themselves lots of money when their very risky gambles pay off, and when their very risky gambles don't pay off, they give themselves bigger bonuses, bail-outs, and all they have to do is ask the one group at the top to write a check.

How much?

It doesn't matter, the check can be blank, fill it it as you go along. How many zeros are needed? Zeros are cheap, add 13.


Who is kidding whom?



I wanted to see some Dungeons and Dragons. Time to be a level 10 Barbarian for Paul.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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On "injections"

At one point in the "oversight" the concept of injecting low interest loans to foreign banks so that the foreign banks can loan back to "households and businesses" in this country, without which, something bad would happen, there is, at that point, a competitive concept as such:

A household or business produces something worth actual value here at home, such as a service, or product, that other people want, but the demand grows faster than the ability of the household or business to meet that demand.

Who is legally allowed to loan that household or business the resources required to meet that growing demand, and as a reward for loaning those resources, so as to meet that growing demand, the person, or people, who loan those resources get a piece of the action, a cut of the earnings, for doing nothing other than transferring legal digits of money from one hard drive, or one file, to another hard drive, or another file, and making sure that the accounts remain accurate according to the contract written down in the loan, and, for collecting collateral, actual property, in case the borrower defaults on the loan?

Got that?

You or someone you know produces something worth enough to cause other people to send that producer money. That producer produces something worth so much that too many people demand more of those things than that producer can supply.

That producer needs to hire more people to fill the growing demand. That producer needs capital for expansion, or some other competitor will fill that demand, or that demand will not be filled as fast, as the producer has to invest meager profits back into growth at whatever rate that can be done, which is inevitably going to be much slower than a sudden influx of capital.

Any, of many, people who seek to invest the capital that they have accumulated may recognize that potential to earn more earnings because of the obvious, measurable, high demand for that service, and therefore those many people who have capital to loan would be in a position to compete against each other to offer a loan to that producer if they could.

Got that so far?

Instead of gaining the contract to capitalize on the growth of that productive enterprise a potential competitive lender is under cut by a foreign Central Bank whereby the interest rate offered to the borrower has been subsidized by The Federal Reserve.

Do you under stand that?

The competitive lender here at home may have almost sold a loan to the home grown household business enterprise, having to charge a higher interest rate because of a sudden loss of capital caused by a sudden change in Federal Reserve Policy, as the flow of Liar Loans which caused the Boom was suddenly reversed to cut lending, cut the flow of credit, and cause the Bust, as part of the Business Cycle, on The Federal Reserve Schedule.

That may not be easy to see. People are led to believe that Booms and Busts are natural, or accidents, resulting from random, or chaotic, or unforeseen, or even unintended consequences.

That is not true.

Each natural economic boom may or may not coincide with the Man Made booms, but that is irrelevant, the fact that The Federal Reserve "injects" "liquidity" into an economic market, of any kind, will cause an economic boom in that market. When that injection of liquidity is then cut off there is a reaction and the reaction is a bust.

When someone, insiders, know when the Boom is going to happen, and they know when the Bust is going to happen, they then know when prices will peak, which will be the time to sell, and they will know when prices will bottom out, and then they know when to buy.

When the cause the Bust, they bailed themselves out, and gave themselves bonuses, they produce nothing, unless you count lies, they produce lies, they own the legal money supply of Dollars, and when they double that supply, they will then spend it, and that effectively cut in half the value of every dollar everywhere, over time, and this is not news.

The lender at home, the honest ones, have had their store of capital cut in half, sent to Europe, subsidizing the power to compete against lenders at home, and those Legal Criminals call that charity. Those legal criminals claim that they are being charitable to households and businesses here in America.

I may get back to this chore of watching this charade, and commenting.


How about some not too distant history?

There is a concept being propagandized in this charade that poses as a hearing.

The story line goes like this:

We at the Federal Reserve, acting in the best interest of households and businesses in America, and only in that capacity, we, officers of The Federal Reserve, are, we are, helping Europe, by profiting from them, so as to make sure that Europe doesn't collapse, so that we don't collapse in turn, and we are accomplishing this by doing secret things that you can't know.

Here is a reality check for you:

Exporting Dirty Money

"Published on Friday 9 February 2007 00:27

GIANT pallets loaded with cash amounting to more than $4 billion (£2 billion) and weighing a total of 363 tons were sent to Baghdad aboard military planes shortly before the United States gave control back to Iraqis, it has been revealed to Congress."

That was BEFORE those Legal Criminals doubled the Money Supply.

What did they buy?

Do you have any idea as to how much money is 363 tons of tightly packed 100 dollar bills, wrapped in cellophane, shipped on pallets?

It would take 73 5 ton Military Dump Trucks to haul that booty around.

363 tons of currency (cash) divided by 5 tons per truck load.

72.6 Truck loads

There is one, and only one, source of Legal Dollars. All those Dollars come from that same Legal source.

Anyone caught doing what that one source does is held to account for every dollar counterfeited, and those who are guilty of doing the same thing that The Federal Reserve criminals do, are punished for that crime of doing the same thing The Federal Reserve does.

"The notes were loaded on to military aircraft in the largest cash shipments ever made by the Federal Reserve, said Representative Henry Waxman, the chairman of the House of Representatives committee on oversight and government reform. "

If a member of Congress, in charge of the power to hold The Federal Reserve to account, can't audit The Federal Reserve, then the cover story about a Mandate from Congress is exposed as a lie.

What are they hiding?

What did they buy when they doubled the money supply in 2008, and as far as I understand what Ron Paul said, so far in that report linked, those criminals have now tripled the number of Legal Dollars.

There is a word for what happened to that shipment of 363 Tons of 100 dollar bills tightly packed in cellophane, in bricks, on pallets.

Money Laundering.


Now what?

Now the story changes to OH, no risk, no risk, as a matter of fact, these interventions are netting a handsome profit for the American Taxpayer?


We are a charity, intervening on behalf of higher employment, prices stability, and the benefit of other people, not us.

We help people in Europe out of a jam, so as to help us at home.

No risk with our helping people in Europe, so as to help us at home, at all.

No risk, at all, in fact, while helping those poor Europeans out of a jam, to help us at home, we earn a substantial profit from those Europeans, while we are so charitably helping them, profiting from them, helping them, as we are so charitable, with the earnings of all those honest working people, who we employ, with their earnings, while we help them, by helping the Europeans, no cost to us, actually a profit for us, helping them.

I am the idiot?


Double talk

How can they be both charitable, as they say, by intervening, charitably, and at the same time they are not taking on any risk?

An intervention is something, not nothing, so what is it? If it is charity, helping those in need, then there is a loss by that act on the part of the one being charitable, giving, to give something to someone who is in need.

The risk, if that wasn't a lie, is that the charitable one gives to much, and then is in need for having given too much.

That is the risk.

So the answer is that we are being charitable, by intervening, to help those in need, here at home, but there is no risk? How can that be, unless there was no gift in the first place.

I think it would be better to hold these liars to account, actual audits, of course, who wrote the check, why did they write the check, what did they buy, who sold them what they bought, when was the purchase made, who owns the thing purchased, what is being done with the thing purchased, etc.

Start with the first question?

Who wrote the check in 2008 that doubled the Legal Number of Dollars?

If no one is willing to point the finger, then fire every one who should know who wrote the check when they won't answer the question.

If no one is left, after firing everyone, and in that vacuum, having no one left to keep the Legal Money Account Honest, then it may be a good time to consider allowing Legal Money Competition.

What could happen? Market Forces would force the quality of money up too high, and those same Market Forces would force the cost of money too low?

Is that the fear?


Repugnant drivel

I can barely stomach the experience of listening to the lies pouring forth from these Legal Criminals, I don't know how any one else can. This is not quite as horrible as trying to listen to the lies that were excreted out of the maws of those defenders of torture during those charades on that the subject of legal torture, but it is difficult to hear.

These guys claim to be running a charity, while they are stealing as much of the hard earned, honest earnings, of everyone who has the misfortune of buying into this Legal Dollar Fraud.

They claim to be both officially capable of attesting to the soundness of their decisions of intervening, charitably of course, only when needed, and at the same time not be even remotely capable of answer a specific question concerning any specific intervention of any kind?

Who gives these people authority? They are liars. They are frauds in the legal sense of fraud, and the number of their victims is legion: they target and steal from the masses.

Isn't that tricky?