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Get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes" Sign This Petition !

It's very important that we get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes"
Take a minute of your time to sign, then forward it on to others.


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10,000 signatures to go!

10,000 signatures to go!


This is not live and they clip, splice and edit to get the establishment meme they're after. This would not help RP and would likely hurt him with a non-core demographic.

I did not know that this show is still on

Who hosts it now and how many viewers do they claim?


60 Minutes made Nielsen’s Top

60 Minutes made Nielsen’s Top 10 list this week in viewers and households. America’s top news program finished at #8 in both categories, drawing 10.80 million viewers and scoring a 6.9/11 in households, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for March 18.

60 Minutes was Sunday’s #1 program in those measurements.


How The Mighty Have Fallen

Kinda funny.....a broadcast network's Flagship news show that is itself a Zombie (60 Min) gets 10.8 million viewers, while a quirky cable TV drama (based on a comic book) about Zombies (The Walking Dead) gets 9 million viewers on the same night.

Hello out there!

Hello out there!