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There is No Next Time

Because there may not be a next time, in our life time.

If it is true that we seek not to reform government but to dismantle it. We need to shock the entire system that is beginning to control every aspect of our lives.

In the 11th hour, when the only choices are Obama & Romney, reality will set in and America will freak out. I live in Tennessee and NO ONE wants to vote for Obama or Romney.

Face it, there are people who love Ron Paul from all sides.
Also, there are people like, Palin, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and others, who speak very highly of and would support Rand Paul.

Rand Paul & Ron Paul in any order, independent or 3rd Party run against Obama and Romney. Time to stop asking permission, time to stop playing games with these Freaks from HELL.

Ron & Rand Paul step in and change the course of human history.