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How do you vote for delegates in a primary

Can any one answer this for me - I have a pretty good grasp of the process for delegates at caucus's but how do you vote for delegates in a primary like Pennsylvania. Are they on the ballot at the voting booth???? If so how do we know which ones are R.P. delegates?? If not why can I find out. I have gotten whole bunch of people awake to Ron Paul but not sure how the delegate process works through a primary.

Thanks for your input

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Here's What To Do

Step 1. Find out your congressional district: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members

Step 2. Contact the congressional district coordinator:
Congressional District 1: Dale Kerns – kerns.dr40@gmail.com
Congressional District 2: Bill Faust – williamfaust234@comcast.net
Congressional District 3: Brandon Magoon – brandon.magoon@gmail.com
Congressional District 4: David Garry – dgarry7@hotmail.com
Congressional District 5: Mark Brady – mavmrb3@gmail.com
Congressional District 6: Gary Lloyd – garyelloyd@gmail.com
Congressional District 7: Pat Sellers – psellers624@gmail.com
Congressional District 8: Rob Pepe – rob@pfpusa.com
Congressional District 9: Audra Cruder – audrarp2012@gmail.com
Congressional District 10: Billy Allred – billy.allred@spx.com
Congressional District 11: Scott Davis – scott@parevolution.com
Congressional District 12: Lawrence Borland – blckrose@pitt.edu
Congressional District 13: Ken Fichtner – kafst26@gmail.com
Congressional District 13: Steven Gilber – sgilber@aol.com
Congressional District 14: Andy Maul – andymaul@yahoo.com
Congressional District 15: Rich Piotrowski – rich@richpiotrowski.org
Congressional District 15: Giovanni Landi – tfbgino@yahoo.com
Congressional District 16: Ben Sheaffer – bugsmashers@hotmail.com
Congressional District 17: Eric Villano – ericvillano@aol.com
Congressional District 18: Elizabeth Heaton – curly_brown2001@yahoo.com

Step 3: Commit to working your polling place on election day, April 24. "Working your polling place" means standing out front of the polling place where you normally vote and handing out "palm cards" with your congressional district's Ron Paul delegate candidates on it. In Penna, the delegates that go to the convention in Tampa are directly elected that day by the voters...unlike many other States, there are no caucuses, meetings, or conventions whatsoever. Your job is to get as many people as possible from your voting division/precinct to come out to vote, and when they come out to vote, to get them to vote for the specific Ron Paul delegate slate. The CD coordinator should provide you with the palm card handouts---if not, you'll have to make them up on your own.

Note that some CDs and some delegates have decided to publicize their delegates while others have decided that based on their circunstances, it would be better to stay in Stealth mode for a while.

According to theGreenPapers.com...

Pennsylvania Presidential Primary. 59 of the Commonwealth's 72 delegates to the Republican National Convention will be directly elected (their names appear on the ballot) in a LOOPHOLE type primary, in which delegates are elected separately from a presidential preference "beauty contest".

Each of the 18 Congressional District is allocated 3 delegates (54 = 18 districts × 3 delegates/district).
One bonus delegate is added to each of the 5 congressional districts that has best supported GOP candidates over the last four years. [Rule 8.2]
The 59 are apportioned as follows:
CD 1: 3
CD 2: 3
CD 3: 3
CD 4: 4
CD 5: 3
CD 6: 3
CD 7: 4
CD 8: 4
CD 9: 3
CD 10: 3
CD 11: 3
CD 12: 4
CD 13: 3
CD 14: 3
CD 15: 3
CD 16: 3
CD 17: 3
CD 18: 4

Rule 8.4 of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania's Rules states that all delegates elected by Congressional District "...shall run at large within the Districts and shall not be officially committed to any particular candidate on the ballot."


The primary here in IL

was March 20th, and the state sent out copies of the ballots with the National/state candidates, and it included the delegates. Once I got to the booth, the ballot was exactly the same as the one I received in the mail (except larger.) I am not certain if your state's ballot will be similar to Illinois's, but they had 2 boxes titled Delegates and Alternate Delegates, and beneath all of the names were the candidates name like this "first, last"
____________________________(Ron Paul)
However, to be sure, find out the district in which you are registered to vote in, and contact the campaign so they can give you the names of both delegates and alternates.

Hope this helped, good luck up/over there!
*ALSO, in IL we were to vote for at most 3 delegates & 3 Alternate delegates (I am hoping that Mitt/Satorum's people only voted for some, or the wrong ones.lol) Be sure to vote for as many as possible, and fill in the correct bubbles.

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