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Ron Paul Will Attend the Nevada State Convention ... Can't Wait!

Got a call from the campaign here in NV stating they just got confirmation that Ron Paul will be in attendance at the NV State Convention and will speak. I'm incredibly excited (will be the first time seeing him in person) and wanted to share this...

Does anybody know if he's doing/done this at any other state conventions? Seems like the best way to ensure that his delegates and alternates turn out.

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What date is your State Convention?

I hope he will come to Minnesota as well. He was invited the last time, but the old GOP stopped him from coming to speak.

I'll see you there. I'm a

I'll see you there. I'm a delegate at the state level, and I was happy to hear Ron Paul would be there in person. They called me last night to inform me.

I suggest joining the Reno Ron Paul meetup group.


Ron Paul

Lucky dog. I was a delegate last time for Dr.Paul and he wasn't allowed to speak at the convention and this was in Houston which is very near his district. I was so mad that the stupid republicans wouldn't let him in. So he held a ice cream social in the convention center and there were a thousand people there and we rocked the house. He announced the campaign for liberty that night and had dropped from the race that day. I hope you guys rock the house in NV. Whaahooo.

NC GOP convention?

Everyone please ask the Paul campaign to have him attend the NC GOP convention June 1-3. He was invited by the NC GOP along with the other candidates.

District conventions take place in April, and it would help get Paul supporters to go through the delegate process if they knew the Paul campaign is going to have a presence at the state convention.

Half of the delegates from NC are not bound to the primary but are picked from the district conventions. We can pick up some delegates with just a small amount of effort from the Paul campaign.

YOU call to ask the Paul campaign.

ronpaul2012.com go to contact page, call.

I have. One person calling

I have. One person calling won't be enough.

The NC GOP convention is the weekend prior to the TX and CA primary, so the Paul campaign will be focused on those.

Texas for Ron Paul

Right now the Youth For Ron Paul chapter at almost every major University in Texas is helping organize the Texas For Ron Paul Rally and Music Fest on May 19th. We're already estimating over 10,000 people to attend. Our primary is the weekend after this huge event and we're hoping it will give Paul the extra boost he needs.

I was waiting for this to show up here!

I got the call tonight too, makes me even more excited about the convention! No dirty tricks this time and we will dominate this State Convention just like we did here in Clark County!!!

KS Caucus

After the KU rally on Friday, he went to 4 caucus sites in Johnson County Kansas the day of the Caucus, March 10th before going over to Missouri. I didn't get to see him at the caucus sites, but saw him at KU. If you consider that a convention? I do anyways as it is the closest I could have gotten.


now imagine if the THOUSANDS of Clark county contingent that won us that one, along with all RP supporters statewide all show up as his 'back up!'

THAT, would be an awesome sight to behold!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Let's not just imagine it...

Let's make it so! After what the NV GOP did to Ron in '08 at the Convention, we need to show them we can come back in great numbers and that their interference with our movement is damaging to their party. Sue Lowden knows...

Maine too eh

Maine too eh


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Can we all go??

I'm thinking... VEGAS BABY!! VEGAS!!

Seriously, can we all go too or is it just NV GOP?

It's up in Sparks, Nevada,

It's up in Sparks, Nevada, outside Reno. May 5, 2012

Problem with your plan

It will be held in Reno at the Nugget. Opposite end of the state, but for those of you who love winter sports...Tahoe is very doable as a side experience. As I remember in '08, guests were allowed...but a huge sign wave/outside rally for Dr. Paul would be awesome.

more credibility to the rumors

So what you're saying is Dr Paul will be attending the 2012 State Convention in Sparks, Nevada on May 5th or 6th?

Well this lends more credibility to some of the rumors I've been hearing about the Vegas event that same weekend. http://www.libertywillwin.com

Anyone know Judge Nap's calendar for that weekend?

I'll say it again, anyone who skips that Vegas gig is going to be kicking themselves for being so stubborn - watching it on C-Span as they cut-away during the best parts to cover the latest Santorum/Romney campaign events. lol

This is such a great way to enthuse our platform

whilst passively diffusing the shenanigans, I hope he also goes to New Hampshire Minnesota Maine Iowa Colorado Missouri Washington Alaska North Dakota Vermont etc etc.


He is going to be at the main convention.

I just wonder if he is planning on speaking at most of the state conventions.

This could be one of his aces!!!!!!!!!

Convince all of the delegates that he is the only solution to our problems

I think you mean MAINE convention.

My guess is he'll speak at the conventions where he has a majority of the delegates.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ron Paul supporters were

Ron Paul supporters were taking over the convention during the 2008 election cycle so the party leadership pulled the plug. They turned off the lights & lied that they ran out of time for using the room. Turns out they could have used the space much longer. All the NV GOP leadership wanted was a way to end the convention so that Ron Paul's win would not embarrass McCain.

So, this time around, Ron Paul will be there in person. I think it's a great idea. It will be extremely difficult for the NV GOP leadership to pull the same kind of scam this time around as they did back in '08.



Ron Paul WAS there in 2008, too! Got us quite motivated!

Great News!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~