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A Question About Money Bombs

Hello fellow patriots here and abroad! I have a question about our money bomb program: How does one organize a money bomb, and what if we can use this massive grassroots support to help the needy as well as Dr. Paul? There are thousands out here that could use our help, and seeing how we can raise $6,000,000 IN A SINGLE DAY just for Ron Paul, we can easily help the needy as well.
Obama's foreign policies are causing gas and oil prices to spike up each and every day, affecting the ability for charities to help support those in need, and it's only going to get worse as we get closer and closer to the summer!
Think about the suffering millions are enduring daily, the misery that has been incurred upon them by an awful administration and an awful government policy. Think about the obstacles that withhold millions from economic prosperity, let alone food, water, shelter, or clothing. Think about how we could win the hearts and minds of millions for the cause of liberty by supporting them in their darkest hours.

Isn't that would Dr. Paul would want all along?

Just Saying...

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Classic "Concern Troll" Post

1. Pretend to be on the Ron Paul Team

"Hello fellow patriots..."
"our money bomb program"

2. Create a false issue that interferes with Ron Paul's election efforts

"seeing how we can raise $6,000,000 IN A SINGLE DAY just for Ron Paul, we can easily help the needy as well."

3. Pretend it's what Ron Paul would want

"Isn't that would Dr. Paul would want all along?"

Nice try, Mr. Brand New Member Who Doesn't Know Where Money Bombs come from.

Do you still get a check from the Romney team if no one falls for your ruse?

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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